Syria and another call to save Islam from itself
Syria and another call to save Islam from itself

The week before, President Trump was all set and ready to pull us out of Syria, but now he’s been pulled back due to allegations that once again Assad used chemical weapons against his own people, mostly civilians. Trump was put on the spot…and so once again it falls upon the United States to come to the rescue.

That’s not at all what Trump had in mind from the day he ran for office. His plan was to divest from Islam’s war with itself.

Tribe against tribe, that’s how it’s been, that’s how it is…and it’s for us to sort it out for them from afar, and for Israel to solve it right there on the spot…at the moment against Hamas.

Since 9/11, Islam has been aflame within itself and throughout the world and for Donald Trump, enough is enough.

Speaking in Charlotte and elsewhere a few months ago, he said, “We’ve spent $6 trillion on (Arab) wars in the Middle East and what do we have to show for it? – nothing.”

Some quibble with that figure – and so if it’s a trillion less? The point’s the same. Nothing has changed.

It remains brother against brother and we keep spilling our own blood to keep them apart. In Afghanistan, 2, 345 US soldiers killed, 4,486 in Iraq – more than a million wounded.

For what!

So now it’s Syria, where by the way, US-led coalition air strikes killed 11,125; 7,505 of them ISIS. …against near zero US casualties.

That’s for those like SkyNews, who demand “proportional” casualties between Hamas and the IDF. These types are ignorant of Hamas…or just plain ignorant.

Let Patton explain: “The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his.”

For Trump, it was all over. ISIS was defeated. Time to come home. Trump sees everything in American terms. We won. You lost. Now scram.

But Islam won’t go away. We said it elsewhere – “Before 9/11, who knew they were even out there? We thought we were alone in the world.” (From “The Bathsheba Deadline.”)

Fox News analyst Harris Faulkner (one of the best in the house), asked on Monday—“So now are we going to own Syria?”

Obviously she meant “regime change,” the effort that cost us so much in Iraq and Afghanistan…and yes, regimes do change hands, usually from one bloody dictatorship to another. That’s how it works in that part of the world and in Syria it’s been that way since it became a “kingdom” in 1920…and managed to take part in every war against Israel.

For Israel it never mattered much who was boss in Syria. One brutal tyrant kept overthrowing another.

But they all had the same thing in mind, to zoom down the Golan Heights to annihilate Israel.

Now Israel has once again taken preventive action, knowing that if Assad ever finishes with his own people, Israel will always be next.

But Assad is still not done back home after more than 400,000 dead…. some 12 million displaced…from a population of 18 million.

Now the chemical attack, and yet who knows if all of it is Assad?  We are to assume that the insurgents are the good guys.

That would only be a guess and mostly we guess wrong.

For once, let them sort it out among themselves.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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