It's OK to deport
It's OK to deport

Do you remember the story a few decades ago, back in the mid-1970s, about the 40,000 Ukrainian Jews whom Leonid Brezhnev let out of the former Soviet Union?  No country in the world would take them in except for Saudi Arabia and Syria, who agreed each to take in half of them for humanitarian reasons.

Do you remember that news story?  Neither do I.  Because it never happened.

Israel is a small country, comprised of some 6.5 million Jews (approximately 74.5% of the population) and nearly two million Arabs (almost 21%).  It does not have the luxury of having 40,000 outsiders sneaking into its boundaries illegally, settling in a few of its neighborhoods (where, by the way, crime statistics suddenly explode), and expecting permanent residence. 

No country on earth would allow such a thing, not even the United States with its currently chaotic situation along America’s souther border, a problem that finally is slated for serious resolution.  And the American chaos, by the way, is not about humanitarianism but about cynical, raw politics.  Illegal immigrants from south of the American border vote reliably Democrat because they typically need Big Government handouts.  Therefore, the Democrats — who are the party of food stamps, Government handouts, welfare, and “free” everything (paying for it all by raising taxes endlessly on those who do work) — want them to stay and vote, while the Republicans want them out. 

As a result, in a quarter century the State of California, which once was so Republican that it regularly elected conservative Republican governors like Ronald Reagan, George Deukmejian, and Pete Wilson, now is solidly Democrat liberal. A conservative Republican cannot win state office any more in California; the elections literally now pit one Democrat against another.

And if the Illegals in America voted reliably Republican instead, then the Republicans would want them to stay and the Democrats would want them out. 

During the eight years that George W. Bush was President of the United States, America deported more than 2,000,000 — two million! — people.  Think that was tough?  Under the oh-so-liberal Obama and the Democrats, more than 3,000,000 were deported.  Yes, that is more than three million!

Like America, Israel also is allowed to survive.  True, not everyone agrees with that premise.  However, they and their opinions may be disregarded.  Do you know why?

Because.  That’s why.

If Israel fails to straighten out the mess that unfolded as it overlooked the massive border infiltration a few years ago, then the 40,000 now illegally in the country will be nearly 200,000 in twenty-five years as they have children.  And then those 200,000 will be a million twenty-five years later.  Our Rabbis teach:  Who is wise?  He who can foresee developments.

By building a wall along the border with Egypt and stepping up border security, Israel finally has taken the steps needed to stop the illegal influx of law-breakers.  Now she must undo the damage that escaped her watchful eye initially. It is perfectly OK to deport the 40,000 who entered illegally.

Let us be clear: a strong, compelling, humanitarian argument can be made to offer extended, though temporary, asylum to people who came to Israel from Africa to escape persecution and torture.  But the vast majority of the 40,000 Illegals came to Israel for economic reasons, to better their finances.  That is fine, but that does not entitle them to have come in illegally or to remain. 

Israel has to decide:  Are we a serious country, or are we a shtibl?  In a shtibl (a little house where people pray), some people sneak into the Shabbat prayer services five or ten minutes before the end of the two-hour (or longer) prayer service just so that they can stay and grab a free lunch meal of chulent and kugel at kiddush.

That is how shtibls operate: you sneak in and grab a free lunch.  But shtibls do not have a Parliament, defense forces, a national education system, a national health system, and predators and murderers lurking on every surrounding border waiting to inflitrate your land and destroy you.

To where did these 40,000 Africans race, whatever the cost, whatever the risk to life and limb, to seek opportunity?  They raced to Israel.  Hasn’t anyone read them any United Nations resolutions lately?
It is strange.  The United Nations declares Israel racist.  The Arab world declares Israel racist.  The liberal campus professors everywhere from the political science department of Ben Gurion University to Oxford to the American Ivy League and University of California declare Israel racist.  Jewish leftists from J Street to Jewish Voice for Peace to Peace Now and Yesh Gvul to the rats of Ratz, reeking with so much self-hate that the stench could fill all the washing machines of 40,000 laundromats, declare Israel racist. Reform rabbis declare Israel racist. African nations vote with the Arabs in the General Assembly, declaring Israel racist. 

And then, to where did these 40,000 Africans race, whatever the cost, whatever the risk to life and limb, to seek opportunity?  They raced to Israel.  Hasn’t anyone read them any United Nations resolutions lately?

Israel was not created to be the place for ingathering people who seek better jobs.  That is not called “Israel”; that is called “Employment Office.” Israel was created, resurrected from the ashes after the Holocaust martyred six million Jews and fulfilling G-d’s promises to Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov to be the national homeland of the Jewish people.  That is why Israel’s laws include Chok HaShvut (the “Law of Return”) guaranteeing instant citizenship for Jews hailing from anywhere else in the world — but not for non-Jews.  Certainly some Israel-haters may — and do — call that Law of Return racist. However, they and their opinions may be disregarded.  Do you know why?

Because.  That’s why.

The same voices — too many of them pathetic self-hating ultra-liberal Jews, in Israel, in America, who could not read a word of Rashi if their lives depended on it and would not know the difference between Ben-Gurion and Ben-Gay— lecture Israel on “Jewish values.”  These voices of Jewish values do not observe the Shabbat, a core Jewish value.  They do not observe the laws of mikveh, a core Jewish value.  They eat non-kosher.  And then they lecture Israel on “Jewish values.”

When Prime Minister Menachem Begin opened Israel’s borders to allow 66 Vietnamese boat people to enter and live in Israel, that was the embodiment of Jewish values.  Their lives were in dire peril.  They were on the same terrifying seas, fleeing persecution but facing imminent death in the perilous waters — reminiscent of those who waited on the “Struma” until it capsized.   Therefore, it devolved on the Jewish people, through the instrumentality of Israel, to save their lives.  And sixty-six people did not impact Israel’s demographics.

By contrast, it does not devolve on Israel to have 40,000 people stream across once-unguarded borders in search of better pay, and to stay.  For goodness sakes, look at this chart: Every year since Obama became President in 2008, America deported more than 300,000 people a year — and each year the majority of those deported were non-criminals.  Obama, the hero of the Jewish liberals who would lecture Israel on ethics, deported more Illegals than did any other President in American history.  And do you know why Obama deported three million people from America in only eight years?