The Abbas-Netanyahu irony
The Abbas-Netanyahu irony

Isn’t it ironic that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has publicly renounced the Israel-PLO Agreement of September 13, 1993, that worthless piece of paper known as the Oslo Accords, when PM Netanyahu has consistently opposed its abrogation, despite the fact that it has been constantly violated by the Palestinian Arabs and has resulted in thousands of Jewish casualties?

Why have six prime ministers of Israel adhered to that disastrous agreement, which has made the so-called peace process a deadly charade, one which those Prime Ministers – Netanyahu for the longest period – have perpetuated? Why hasn’t this issue been a matter of public or Knesset debate during the many national elections that have been held in Israel since September 1993? 

Is this strange phenomenon indicative of a conspiracy of silence?  Have the people of Israel been deceived, not so say betrayed, by each and every government they have elected to office since 1993?

On the other hand, and speaking in general, why have the rabbis in Israel (and abroad) been silent about this life-and-death issue? Does the Torah not obligate them to expose the truth behind the Oslo Agreement, or at least about its toll of Jewish lives?

Arel the State of Israel and its post-1993 prime ministers entrapped in serial self-delusion, the exposure of which would collapse the state?