Exposé: CNN and NYT ignored US Defense Secretary revelation on Taliban
Exposé: CNN and NYT ignored US Defense Secretary revelation on Taliban

We are living in a sick,news world, not a “fake news” world.  Two of the largest pillars of the American established news media, the New York Times and the Cable News Network (CNN) just happened to omit the central point of US Secretary of Defense James Mattis’,explicit comments during his trip to Afghanistan.

He said that Russia and Iran were arming the Taliban in Afghanistan.  The Wall Street Journal ]reported Mattis’ comments accurately, publicizing the declaration referring to Iran and Russia arming the Taliban in Afghanistan, “Those two countries [Russia and Iran] have suffered losses to terrorism, so I think it would be extremely unwise if they think they can somehow support terrorism in another country and not have it come back to haunt them.”

We are living in a truly ‘sick news’ world in which the NYT and CNN, due to some bizarre-world political slant, fail to report that the US Defense Secretary has openly accused Russia and Iran of actively helping murder our troops in Afghanistan. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t a new Iranian ‘malign’ development.  In fact,as Yogi Berra would say: With the US in Afghanistan, it’s the US Iraqi Military Catastrophe Groundhog Day all over again.  In Iraq from 2004-2010, Iran, the ultimate terror-state, and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad (the same genocidal-psychopath that’s still there), armed the Sunni al Qaeda in Iraq to murder thousands of US soldiers and all the while Presidents Bush, and Obama, and the US military did absolutely nothing to stop them. 

After the US spent 3 trillion dollars in Iraq, and lost thousands of American lives and tens of thousands wounded and disfigured, Iran has taken over Iraq, and treats it like the Iranian vassal it is.  Now Iran is doing in Afghanistan what it did to the US in Iraq, and no one is doing anything to stop them.

One may well ask, “Langfan, where’s your proof?”

On April 24, 2014, over three years ago, I wrote an essay entitled “Assad’s al Qaeda Murdered 1,770 US Soldiers in Iraq, Bashar al-Assad’s hands are indelibly coated with the blood of precious US soldiers.”

In the essay, I wrote, “the one person in the world who most directly knows that Bashar al-Assad knowingly funneled al Qaeda terrorist murderers into Iraq through Syria, was none other than the Syrian Ambassador to Iraq after and during the 2003 American invasion of Iraq, Nawaf Fares.  And, Nawaf Fares, who defected in July 2012, stated in a Telegraph interview that, 'after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the regime in Syria [Assad] began to feel danger, and began planning to disrupt the US forces inside Iraq, so it [Assad] formed an alliance with al-Qaeda.. All Arabs and other foreigners were encouraged to go to Iraq via Syria, and their movements were facilitated by the Syrian government.  As a governor at the time, I [Fares] was given verbal commandments that any civil servant that wanted to go would have his trip facilitated, and his absence would not be noted.  I believe the Syrian regime [Assad] has blood on its hands, it should bear responsibility for the many deaths in Iraq.’”

And as if that isn’t proof enough, only two years ago in 2015, the current Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joseph Dunford, then the then-nominated-Joint Chiefs-Chairman, testified in front of Congress that Iran was directly responsible for 500 murders of our precious US troops in Iraq.  On July 14, 2015, Military Times reported that "the startling number emerged last week as Sen. Tom Cotton, an Arkansas Republican and Army veteran who served as an infantry officer in Iraq and Afghanistan, pressed the issue at a confirmation hearing for Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, who is Obama's nominee to be chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff."

"Senator," Dunford responded, "I know the total number of soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines that were killed by Iranian activities, and the number has been recently quoted as about 500. We weren't always able to attribute the casualties we had to Iranian activity, although many times we suspected it was Iranian activity even though we didn't necessarily have the forensics to support that."

The Defense Department does not specifically track casualties linked to Iran. The 500 estimate is a ballpark figure based on intelligence assessments, according to a Pentagon official familiar with Dunford's remarks.”How were our soldiers in Iraq 'killed by Iranian activities'”?  Through Syria with Bashar al-Assad’s full participation.

But again, we are sitting, watching, and doing nothing while Iran, and, now Russia, help murder our precious US soldiers in Afghanistan; and the New York Times and CNN  aid and abet the forces of evil to commit wanton murder because they don’t want to report Iran’s murderous and terrorist activities.  They’re even willing to omit their favorite bête-noire du jour, the “evil-empire Russia,” from their reporting if it protects their beloved Iranian terror state and the nuclear deal Obama made with it.

The ultimate fake news is the New York Times’ motto, “All the News That’s Fit to Print;” and CNN’s motto,“Go There - This is CNN - The Most Trusted Name in News.”