UK Jewish leaders view with favor a Palestinian state
UK Jewish leaders view with favor a Palestinian state

Chutzpah comes in various shades. In Haifa, I came across this inviting poster outside a theater: “Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Translated and Improved.”

You gotta love that chutzpah, Israeli-style… Shakespeare improved. Who can top that?

Well, Jewish leaders in the UK just did. They’ve gone beyond improving Shakespeare to improving G-d and His Ten Commandments.  

We read that the UK’s Board of Deputies, which features itself as the voice of British Jews, delivered its own version of the Ten Commandments tailored to shape the politics of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn – the two who ran for British premiership. Both won and lost. It is complicated.

The Board, which is part of the World Jewish Congress and the European Jewish Congress, advised those two leaders, that if they want Jewish votes, hear/hear, they must support a “viable Palestinian state.” This is a reversal of the Balfour Declaration, which “views with favor a national home for the Jewish people.”

A “viable” Palestinian state would, of course, swamp Israel out of existence from the millions of Arabs who feel they have grandfathered entitlements.

The British, in fact all European leaders, are always delighted to stick their noses into Jewish sovereignty.
The essential question is whose side are they on, these leaders (in America too) who purport to speak for all Jews, when in fact they do not. 

So if you like rockets and terror tunnels coming from Gaza, you will love a Palestinian state viable toward sharia and jihad.

Maybe they know all that over at the UK Board of Deputies. So maybe that is why they slipped that in as commandment number five and not quite number one. The other rules are basic enough, such as preserving the Jewish way of life within the UK, and remembering the Holocaust. 

Who can object to that, unless it’s Jeremy Corbyn who makes a living from denouncing Israel and Jews everywhere?

You can be sure he’s okay with a viable Palestinian state. In fact, he said so, as did Miss May.   

The British, in fact all European leaders, are always delighted to stick their noses into Jewish sovereignty. They don’t need “Jewish votes” to help them denigrate the Jewish State as they do by interfering once a week from their own capitals and twice a week from the United Nations. 

That’s where they voted for Security Council Resolution 2334, which denies Israel its sacred rights to Biblical Jerusalem.

The Ten Commandments that came from Moses at Mount Sinai are mighty clear about that sanctity. 

But from the UK Board of Deputies – silence. Not a word. Nothing about overturning that UN obscenity that our own Nikki Haley is preparing to do.

That would have taken guts. Instead, cravenness prevailed.

Which is not to say that Jewish liberals here in America are much different from their soft cousins in the UK. 

Here too in the USA they also know how to bootlick for leftwing causes favorable only to our enemies and to campaign for values that are totally un-Jewish. Our own toadies, a number of them so-called rabbis, approached President Trump with the same notion.

Like this – if you want our Jewish votes, you must support the terrorists who keep killing us. 

Remembering the Holocaust, indeed, but how much longer will the Jews of Israel need to apologize for living?

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