The chemical weapons attack allows Putin to abandon Assad and Iran
The chemical weapons attack allows Putin to abandon Assad and Iran

Putin is drowning in Syria.  Putin currently has no Syrian exit strategy, none at all.  At $50 a barrel, Putin’s cash-flow approaches zero, and his sanctioned economy is dead in the water.  Even though Putin’s sure to win his 2018 rigged-election, he still wants out of Syria before he has to campaign in earnest.   

In addition, 80% of the world’s Muslims are Sunni and Putin is siding with Shiite Iran and  Shiite/Alawite Assad to commit genocide on Sunnis. That is definitely not good.  Close to 100% of the Muslims living in and near Russia are Sunni. 

Putin needs a Syrian exit strategy, and needs one fast.  With Assad’s Idlib Sarin nerve gas massacre, the opportunity exists for Putin to make a deal with President Trump to abandon Iran and Assad, but keep his naval base at Tartus.

The deal is simple. More importantly, as a preface and taking a step back, NATO, Russia and the United States actually have a common enemy: Radical Islamic Terror.  They are all on the same team.

The broad outline of the deal is this: Russia abandons Assad and Iran in Syria in return for keeping Tartus and pocketing the ethnically Russian-speaking areas of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea, but Russia allows Western Ukraine to join NATO.  As an immediate pre-deal, the Minsk Agreement is implemented, and there is a pull-back from the Minsk Line by both parties. 

As an additional element, the West has to initiate a complete review of the entire Kosovo/Serbia problem.  For in many ways, former-President Clinton began this entire pro-Muslim empowerment and armament.  The global pro-Muslim empowerment has to stop.

With Russia and the United States working together, they can evict Iranian militias including Hezbollah and insert a moderate Muslim Syrian government that will satisfy all the neighboring Sunni Muslim countries.  With Putin and Trump working together on Syria, both will get a Nobel Prize.  Russia’s involvement with Assad’s and Iran’s genocide wil be forgotten.

Putin and the United States have an opportunity to close a grand deal, greatly benefitting both.  And if Putin and Trump make a deal, the entire world will be a much safer place -  without the genocidal hegemonic Assad and his Iranian masters.