MUST READ: Putin is repeating Stalin's most catastrophic mistake
MUST READ: Putin is repeating Stalin's most catastrophic mistake

Everybody knows about Stalin’s egregious and ultimately deadly August  23,1939 Nazi-Soviet pact in which  Hitler and Stalin agreed to attack jointly and co-occupy Europe.  Hitler’s invasion of Poland was the casus belli for Britain and France to declare war on Hitler and Nazi Germany.  (Interestingly, Churchill didn’t also declare war on the Soviet Union for also invading Poland.) 

However, the most important aspect of the 1939 Nazi-Soviet deal was not the agreed upon co-invasion of Poland.  The most important, and calamitous, aspect of the catastrophic deal was that Russia sold oil and other vital and necessary natural materials to Hitler that fueled Hitler’s war efforts against Great Britain, and ultimately against the Soviet Union itself.  In fact, without the Soviet oil Stalin sent Hitler after 1939,  up to Operation Barbarossa, Hitler wouldn’t have had the necessary oil to effectively attack the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941.  Hitler’s attack murdered 4 million Soviet soldiers and took 3 million Soviet prisoners of war, all of it fueled on Stalin’s oil shipments to Hitler. 

Stalin, and his Foreign Minister Molotov, were perhaps the greatest fools in history.  That is, the world’s greatest fools until President Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.  Stalin gave Hitler two gifts: Poland and oil.  Today, Putin is giving Iran two gifts: Syria and uranium that can make 10 gun-type nuclear bombs.  

Now in defense of Stalin, Stalin was really only cutting a short-term deal with Hitler after Chamberlain had preceded him with the naive 1938 Munich “Peace” agreement in which Chamberlain handed Hitler the ill-fated Czechoslovakia.  So, Stalin thought he was buying time and saying, “Attack the other guys first.”  However, it’s one thing for Stalin to delay an attack by Hitler by deflecting him to go somewhere else.  It’s quite another to also send Hitler the very raw materials Hitler’s army will be using to annihilate Stalin’s own country.  So, delaying a war is legitimate; arming your enemy with key minerals and fuel so his Panzers can come perilously close to occupying Moscow is the definition of folly. 

Today, just as in 1939, Putin and Iran have agreed to co-attack Syria.  Just like in 1939, Putin thinks Iran will agree to divide Syria.  But that “division” will last until Iran controls its partition.  Then, Iran will take Putin’s part of Syria. By pulverizing the Syrian Sunnis, Putin is stupidly giving Syria, the epicenter of the Arab world, to Iran.  With control of Syria, Iran will metastasize the rest of the Arab Middle East in short order.  Once Iran becomes the puppet-master of the remaining Arab capitals, it won’t be long before Iran comes a-knocking on Russia’s door.  By then, thanks to Obama, Iran will be armed with dozens of nuclear bombs.  So, Iran will not only control over 50% of the world’s oil supply, but will also be replete with nuclear capability. 

Putin isn’t fueling Iran with oil, he’s fueling Iran with uranium for its nuclear stockpile.  Putin doesn’t have a Stalin-type defense of buying time to prevent an immediate attack.  Putin is arming Iran with a game-changing nuclear arsenal that actually enables Iran to geo-strategically challenge Russia.  Putin’s only defense is “Obama made me do it.”   The fact that Obama played Putin for a fool and connived him into helping Iran take over the Middle East only makes Putin look even more like a blunderer. 

This brings us to the present day where Putin is sending Iran 130 tons of uranium raw ore.  David Albright of the Institute of Science and International Security said the shipment could be enriched to enough weapons-grade uranium for more than 10 simple gun-type nuclear bombs, "depending on the efficiency of the enrichment process and the design of the nuclear weapon." 

The key point here is that Iran just announced that it has uranium centrifuge-capable gas in IR-8 centrifuges that it claims are 20 times faster at enriching uranium than their older centrifuges, which they “got rid of” under the Obama-Iran nuclear deal. The Obama-Iran Nuclear deal didn’t stop or slow Iran’s nuclear program, it allowed Iran to greatly modernize and update its nuclear enrichment program.  Before the Obama deal, Iran had first generation Model-T centrifuges that, we were told, would take a year to produce enough enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb.  After the Obama deal, Iran has replaced their old centrifuges with the latest Maserati centrifuges that can produce enough bomb-grade uranium twenty times faster or in month or so.  And, Obama gave Iran 150 Billion dollars to destabilize the Middle East with its terror proxies.  No wonder President Trump says it is the worse deal in the world “ever.” It is.

Why is this a danger to Russia? After all, that country has thousands of nuclear weapons. Iran will have 10 nukes and Russia has thousands, but the danger is in remembering that when Hitler had finished occupying Western Europe to the English Channel, he turned on his next-door neighbor the Soviet Union.  Here, the parallel danger is that once Iran succeeds in subduing Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab world, Iran will ultimately turn on Russia.  It won’t be 5 years from now, but 10-15 years from now.  And in those 10-15 years, does Putin think Iran is going to stop its nuclear program?  Of course not.  Those 10 nukes produced from Russia Uranium ore will only provide “protective nukes” under which Iran will become an untouchable nuclear weapons producer because it will have become a nuclear power with the first crop of 10 bombs. In 15 years, Iran will have hundreds of nukes.

And of course, Iran will likely not fire an easily traceable nuclear weapon at Mother Russia.  The more likely scenario is that Iran will smuggle a nuclear weapon to a Chechen Black widow terror cell and have the Chechens ignite a nuclear catastrophe in Moscow.  Any Iranian attack will likely be totally untraceable to Iran.

Let's get real. The only way Russia can stop its insane policy of not only crowning Iran the King of Syria, but also crowning it the nuclear-armed hegemon of the Arab world and the world’s oil supply, is to insure Iran fails in Syria, and fails badly.  Otherwise, Stalin’s fueling of Operation Barbarossa will look like genius compared to Putin’s arming Iran with nukes.

Whether Putin uses Trump as a cover to betray Iran, or Putin has to make a direct deal with Saudi Arabia to bring Syria to a pro-Sunni conclusion, it doesn’t matter.  It only matters that Iran loses big in Syria.  Otherwise, Iran will ultimately train its nuclear terror sights on Putin’s Russian Motherland.