Another shattered dream?
Another shattered dream?

If the words of President Trump, taken from his interview on Israel, mean what he says: “I am not someone who believes that advancing the ‘settlements’ is good for peace,” then I fear President Trump may not know realize what he is implying.

In parroting the hoary old nonsense about Jewish villages and towns being impediments to peace (pejoratively described by him as ‘settlements’), he may be, wittingly or unwittingly, perpetuating the failed ‘Two-State-Solution.’

Equally, the president may be breathing life again into that other stinking corpse known as “Land for Peace” in which Israel gives away its ancestral and biblical lands but in return never receives peace - just endless war, terror and death.

The president’s words and apparent shallow knowledge of the relentless Islamic and Koranic hatred towards Jews and to the re-constituted Jewish state - which can never truly end so long as Israel’s Arab neighbors embrace Islam - is indeed bad news for any hope of real Jewish sovereignty existing in its biblical and ancestral heartland of Judea and Samaria.

By apparently condemning the creation of new and/or the re-creation of earlier Jewish villages beyond the existing communities (again pejoratively described by him as ‘settlements’), he is giving an unwitting nod to continuing and encroaching Arab occupation throughout the ancestral and biblical Jewish heartland; leading to its incalculable loss in spiritual, historic and strategic importance.

Equally by attempting yet again, like so many previous American presidents, to bring the duplicitous, corrupt and monstrous PA into peace negotiations with Israel, he is guaranteeing decades more horror and misery for the Jewish state. Haven’t the last 50 years of Arab perfidy since the Six Day War been proof enough, let alone what preceded it?

President Trump may be receiving very bad advice and for those of us who know the reality of the conflict, his words may bode ill for Israel.

Is the dream and hope of Jewish sovereignty in our biblical and ancestral heartland of Judea and Samaria perhaps being shattered again by an American president?

Let us hope and pray not.