Cops nab NY bomber as more suspects keep coming to US
Cops nab NY bomber as more suspects keep coming to US

This would not be a good day to slander the flag as an act against the police.

It was the police who came to the rescue after a series of bombings that shook New York City and New Jersey over the weekend. This would be a good day to honor all members of Law Enforcement. Within 24 hours they caught and arrested suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami.

Even BLM (Black Lives Matter) and other cop-hating associates may want to give it a rest. But that is unlikely, as illustrated at Monday Night Football where the ChicagoBears hosted the Philadelphia Eagles, and three members of the Eagles raised their fists at the playing of the national anthem. They were making a statement.

On a day like this it means they take the side of the bomber. Or maybe this is the result when players take too many shots to the head.

The rest of us – how about a shout-out for job well done to our heroes? This includes the officer who took down a knife-wielding Somali in Minnesota.

Back to New York, after setting off bombs in Seaside Park, NJ and later in and around Manhattan’s Chelsea district, the suspect was chased down and nabbed in Linden, NJ. He was wounded during a gunfight, which also injured the officer who first identified him and gave chase.  

America is tasting the jihad that the Jewish State must swallow every day.
So much like Israel? Well, yes. In so many respects, America is tasting the jihad that the Jewish State must swallow every day.

Trump’s immediate reaction to the terror was to double down on the theme that launched his campaign.

He said, “We better start getting tough, folks” (against free-for-all immigration). Then he tweeted: “Once again someone we were told is ok turns out to be a terrorist who wants to destroy our country and its people. How did he get thru the system?” Yes, Hillary also made some comments. But nobody cares.

What comes next, I suppose, for Trump and for those who knew he was right from the start, well, get ready for the charge of Islamophobia.

But Ahmad Khan Rahami is today’s poster boy for the jihad that has entered the United States of America, coast to coast.

Ahmad was invited. Ahmad was welcomed. That’s how he got through the system.

Pity The New York Times and Christiane Amanpour over there at CNN that they had to lead with someone named Ahmad. There was no choice. Even lying, backstabbing, deceitful journalism has to come clean once in a while especially when the terror is staring them right in the face, right there at home.

They have no choice but to spill the beans, as much as they’d prefer once in a while to name the suspect Bill or Joe or Chuck.

Sometimes, yes. But mostly it’s Ahmad. That’s the safe bet. This one came from Afghanistan. He is a naturalized American citizen, naturally.

So for the police, no matter how many Ahmads they collar, it will never be enough. More are coming. This means more terrorists and more terror cells.

This means more no-go zones, just like Europe.

Obama is bringing in 100,000 from all over but mostly from Syria. As we wrote here the other day, Liberals delight in this act of careless generosity.

Reckless immigration lets them feel good about themselves.

They felt awfully good at that New York party where Streisand and other Progressive fat cats honored Hillary and poked fun at Trump…Trump and his supporters, whom Hillary comically defined “a basketful of deplorables” for being so “Islamophobic.” The people laughed.

All that took place only a few blocks from Chelsea and the Islamic bombing in that neighborhood.

The same Progressive darlings, days later, ran to the police for safety and cover.

They also stopped laughing.

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