A British Palestinian girl wins an award for lying
A British Palestinian girl wins an award for lying

A Ted-type rant has gained much exposure over the social media. It was made by a Palestinian Muslim girl, Leanne Mohamad, dressed cutely in her British school uniform, giving a one-sided diatribe for a “free Palestine.”

Like much of the Palestinian narrative it is full of emotional imagery with shallow false statements often employed to cover the harsh reality of Palestinian hatred and the anti-Semitism of rejecting Jewish heritage and a Jewish self-determination that has been decreed under international law

The strange thing about her performance is that her words about Palestinian Arab suffering apply equally, if not more accurately, to Israeli children.

She asked how you would react if your land had been bombarded and your people killed for sixty eight years. Well, Israelis have been bombarded and killed by Palestinians and Arabs for more than sixty eight years. Jews, including many children, were driven out of Arab Muslim lands in great numbers sixty eight years ago. They found shelter and productive lives in Israel.

Palestinians, on the other hand, have been kept in refugee status for seventy years in Arab countries. Yet this girl is blind to these international crimes and accuses Israel of human rights abuses against her people.

How would you feel if you saw your family dying in front of you? Well, that is precisely the fate that Israeli families have suffered by unending Palestinian terror from knifings, shootings, car bombings, Palestinian suicide bombers, plane and ship hijackers.

Nobody should be discriminated against because of their country, their culture or their race but this is precisely what has being done against Israel since its inception in 1948.
Israel. One country, One voice, One dream!

Since the start of the Arab conflict against Israel the Palestinians have rejected Israel’s right to exist and have rebuffed the attempts of seven Israeli Prime Ministers to reach a peace agreement that would allow Israel the right to exist as a Jewish state. It continues to this day. On May 28, in response to the French peace initiative, Mahmoud Abbas yet again announced to the Arab League in Cairo that he would never recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

The girl says she is proud of what she is, claiming to be Palestinian, a Muslim, that Islam is perfect and terrorism has no religion.

She tells this to an ignorant world knowing that Article 7 of the Palestinian Hamas Charter states; ‘O Muslim. There is a Jew hiding behind me. Come out and kill him.’  

This is the anti-Semitism of the Palestinian cause, disguised but promoted by Leanne Mohamad.

Hamas is the Palestinian Islamic wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is officially designated as a terrorist organization, a Palestinian terrorist organization that practices and teaches Palestinian Arab children that Islam has a religious obligation to kill Jews.

Nobody should be discriminated against because of their country, their culture or their race but this is precisely what has being done against Israel since its inception in 1948.

“Every day their homes, their schools, their hospitals destroyed” is an emotional lie. These things are not happening unless, of course, Palestinian Hamas is doing this daily to build their terror infrastructure in homes, hospitals and schools without our knowledge, as they have done too many times before.

I do know that homes and other places were hit because Palestinian terrorists were using them to launch rockets at innocent Israeli children, or to build terror attack tunnels reaching into Israeli villages to kill or capture Israeli children. Children like 4 year old Daniel Tragerman, killed at home by a Palestinian missile, or 2 year old Omar Mishawa, killed in Gaza by another Palestinian rocket meant to kill more Israeli children but which misfired and fell short in Gaza killing Omar and other Palestinians. They were added to the statistics blamed on Israel.

She claims a baby boy, her cousin, died from heart disease because he didn’t get medical treatment. Surely she is not claiming there are no hospitals and doctors in the Palestinian Authority? That would be a lie. Surely he was examined by Palestinian Arab doctors? Perhaps he passed away because no medical care could have saved him? Does she know that many Israeli and British children suffer a similar fate?

Palestinian Arab boys and girls also receive the very best medical care in Israel offered by Save a Child’s Heart and the Israeli medical services in Israeli hospitals. The same care has been given to Syrian, Jordanian and children from many Muslim countries, many of which do not recognize and hate Israel.  If this girl hasn’t heard about this free service she really should get herself an education. 

In conclusion, there can be no “free Palestine” without a free and secure Jewish state of Israel.

If this girl is campaigning for inclusion this has to be a cornerstone for her if she genuinely wants a free Palestine. There can be no inclusion without the inalienable rights of the Jewish people to live in peace in a land of their own.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is also the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism.’