BDS from within
BDS from within

The annual series of virulently anti-Israel events known as “Israeli Apartheid Week” (IAW) is currently underway at universities and cities worldwide.

The two-month long Israeli Apartheid Week (!!), whose duration only attests to its stupidity, is an opportunity for Israel haters around the world to get together and spread defamatory lies and propaganda about Israel under the guise of human rights concerns.

At its core, IAW is just a clever tool implemented by the BDS movement to advance its agenda of “build[ing] Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns as part of a growing global BDS movement.” The overall objective of the BDS movement, quite evident by now, is to eliminate the State of Israel as the Jewish state.

As absurd as it sounds, leftist Israeli academics, filmmakers, and organizations often participate in prominent IAW events throughout the world.
The most troubling thing about IAW, however, is its involvement with Israelis. As absurd as it sounds, leftist Israeli academics, filmmakers, and organizations often participate in prominent IAW events throughout the world. A new report published by the Zionist grassroots movement, Im Tirtzu, reveals to what extent Israelis are involved in these events.

Columbia University alone ran a film festival on the Nakba, courtesy of Zochrot, a radical Israeli NGO hell-bent on flooding Israel with millions of Palestinian Arab “refugees,” and featured lectures from two ex-Haifa University professors and renowned Israel bashers, Dr. Ilan Pappé and Dr. Simona Sharoni (founder of Women in Black and Rachel Corrie’s former mentor).

Oxford University has been more diverse in its IAW lineup over the years and has featured anti-Zionist Arab MKs Haneen Zoabi and Jamal Zahalka, Israel-haters Omar Barghouti, Dr. Pappé, Professor Avi Shlaim, author Yitzhak Laor, and Sahar Francis (director of the radical NGO Addameer); a touching display of Jewish-Arab cooperation no doubt.

And the list goes on.

Whether it’s the desire of mediocre academics and artists to attain prestige or something far more sinister, what is certain is that these prize jewels of the BDS movement serve as further confirmation that much of the anti-Israel activity throughout the world originates from within Israel.

Time after time we see how self-hating leftist Israelis serve as the impetus for anti-Israel activity around the world. Whether it’s Breaking the Silence providing slanderous anti-IDF material to the European Union or Gideon Levy feeding the international media outlets with his latest anti-Israel diatribe, this phenomenon of “BDS from within” is causing irreparable and increasing damage to Israel.

Just this week the Israeli Sociological Society announced its decision to boycott Ariel University because it’s “not located in Israeli territory,” a nonsensical decision that has already been picked up by every major international media outlet and utilized to further the BDS agenda.

“Useful idiots” is an unfit and undeserving title for Israeli BDSers, as they are fully aware that they are complicit in the BDS movement’s goal of eliminating the State of Israel as the Jewish state.

The unfortunate reality is that these people are not interested in peace or equality. They want the same thing as the heads of the BDS movement – a Middle East without Israel.