No more martyrs funerals
No more martyrs funerals

According to a survey conducted for Walla by Prof. Camil Fuchs of "Panel Project Hamidgam" and the statistician Yosef Miklada of the STATNET research institute, releasedon Friday, 71% of Israelis believe the government has failed in its efforts to stop Arab terrorism; add the 9% who weren’t sure and it rises to 80%. That is a clear vote of no-confidence.

Moreover, Israeli government officials agree; they announced that they cannot stop Arab terrorism. We can expect, therefore, that more Jews will be murdered and maimed.

Excuses from politicians, police and IDF commanders are pathetic.  Waiting for the next tragedy to happen is unacceptable. Neutralizing a terrorist after they have launched an attack is not sufficient. Putting barriers at bus stops offers barely minimal protection. Cameras on the street only help to identify terrorists after an attack. More police on the street is reassuring but doesn’t work.

The only way to stop homicidal jihadists is to create disincentives, making the price that they will pay – in their minds – unacceptable. If they are intent in becoming “holy martyrs,” however, dying in their attack serves their goal of killing “infidels.”

The only thing that could dissuade them is the knowledge that their path to martyrdom would be blocked. The simplest and most effective obstacles

Bury Islamic terrorists at sea or cremate their bodies, both of which are forbidden according to Islamic law.   
would be to bury Islamic terrorists at sea or cremate their bodies, both of which are forbidden according to Islamic law.   

Some have suggested burying terrorists with pig entrails since, according to Islam, contact with a pig defiles Muslims to such an extent that it prevents them from the rewards of an afterlife. This may seem extreme to some, but if it works and saves lives, it’s worth trying. And, according to legend, it was used effectively by US Gen “Black Jack” Pershing to stop Muslim terrorists in the Philippines a century ago.     

Under no circumstances should bodies of terrorists be returned to families where they will receive glorious funerals and used in parades to promote violence. This shames the memory of their victims, our country and our civilization.  

Anyone who is found to be an accomplice should be deported; their property should be confiscated and turned over to the family of the victim.  

Islamic hate-preachers should be banned and, if necessary, deported. Although incitement is a criminal offense, it is rarely enforced and in the case of the PA, Israel not only allows it but indirectly funds it. This policy needs to change.

Families of the terrorists will be outraged until they and their communities understand that terrorism will not be tolerated and terrorists will not be honored.

It’s a tough decision, but what are the alternatives? Invading Arab communities and neighborhoods? Restricting Arabs and greater scrutiny of their activities? More police patrols? Turning streets and public spaces into armed camps? Billions more spent on high-tech security and cameras? Becoming a terrorized society? More dead and wounded Jews?   

We all have the right to live without fear of terrorist attacks.  And we don’t have to sacrifice ourselves in order to prove that we have moral principles and value life.  We are facing an evil that must be conquered and eliminated, not only for Israel, but for the world.

The right to life is always more important than the desire to destroy it.  

The author is a PhD historian, writer and journalist.