Nazis were German and Islamic extremists are Muslim
Nazis were German and Islamic extremists are Muslim
If in the 30s, if one said “Nazis are German,” no one meant “All Germans are Nazis.”  However, if you spoke about Nazis in the 30’s and 40’s, as Obama speaks about Islamist-extremists today, and said something like “Nazis are not Germans,” you would have been forcibly admitted into an insane asylum.  Or worse, in the 30’s, let alone the 40’s, imagine the President of the United States being so delusional that he refused to say “Nazis were Germans” because “We don’t want to insult all Germans” and because “We’re not at war with all of Germany.”

The “Nazis are not German” President would have been impeached and arrested as a traitor. Nowadays, Islamic-Extremist-terrorists are to Islam, what yesterday’s Nazis were to Germany.  In the 30’s, the Germans themselves, were the first, and last, line of defense to the Nazi hijacking all of Germany, and bringing all of Germany into a world war.  Today, the Muslims, themselves, are the first, and last, line of defense against Islamist-extremism hijacking Islam, and bringing all of Islam into a world war.  What’s worse, Obama’s and Clinton’s rhetoric “The terrorists are not Muslim” only gives Islam a total pass on trying to defeat Islamist-extremism from within Islam.  Instead of protecting Islam, Obama and Clinton are insuring Islamist-extremists hijack the entire world of Islam, just as the Nazis hijacked all of Germany.

Prominent Sunni Saudi journalist Abd Al-Rahman Al-Rashed, the former editor of  the London-based daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat and former director of Al-Arabiya TV,recently wrote an opinion-piece explicitly asserting today’s Muslim extremists are to Islam what Nazism was to Germany in the 30’s and 40’s.  If Muslims are writing that Islamist-Extremists are Nazis, why can’t I? Why can't my president? 

Al-Rashed wrote:

“After Adolf Hitler committed suicide and following the burning of his body, the war’s winners did not just raise the flag of victory over Berlin but they also banned Nazi ideology. They prohibited teaching it or marketing it and also prevented those who are in any way related to it from practicing any social activities.

"Today’s extremist Islam is also fascist, and it resembles Nazism which is based on the concepts of discrimination and elimination. Like Nazism, extremist Islam is based on absolute loyalty to an ideology and to hatred and hostility against others, whether Muslims or not. If you want to eliminate al-Qaeda, ISIS and al-Nusra Front, you have to go after the ideology. Without doing so, we can expect the next century to be filled with anarchy and terrorism.”

My only small quibble with Al-Rashed is that he didn’t add the Shiite-Safavid-Nazi-Khomenei Regime of the “Islamic Republic of Iran” to his list of Islamic-Extremists.
Muslim extremists are to Islam what Nazism was to Germany in the 30’s and 40’s. 
At the core, there are several main reasons Obama’s absolution of “Islam” as an element of Islamic violence is the direct source of the current explosion of world Islamic terrorism and violence.  The first reason is that Obama is, at heart, an anti-Colonialist-Islamic-Extremist himself who believes the only way Islam can eradicate all the vestiges of British-colonialism is to be extremist and unite as one Islamic Superpower.  Could anyone imagine the world class catastrophe had Obama succeeded in defeating Egypt's Sisi and Morsi were still in charge? 
Sadly, Obama is the leader who bought the Islamic-extremists-anti-colonialist mantras, hook-line-and-sinker.  Obama is fighting an anti-colonialist bogeyman that doesn’t exist.  Britain left the Middle East decades ago.  Whatever democratic idea of governance the British left behind (i.e. Israel) is actually the only hope Islam has to defeat the Islamic-Extremists. 
Ironically, Obama’s Islamophilic Islam-can-do-no-wrong psychosis has brought about the greatest ever mass-genocide of Muslims that the world has ever seen.  Obama green-lighted and rewarded the Iranian-Shiite-Islamic-extremists with a nuclear-deal that, in effect, validated all the other forms of Islamic extremism everywhere.  Everybody seems to want to crown a different Caliph or Ayatollah of the “real Islam.”
Consequently, all the different forms of Muslim extremism are not only at war with non-Muslims, they are at war with themselves.  Obama, and Obama alone, is responsible.  Not only did Obama openly validate and glorify Islamic-extremism, but he also opened the Pandora’s box of Islamic-extremist crazies, and let all the Islamic lunatics out of Gitmo.  Obama shouldn’t have gotten a Nobel Peace Prize, he should have been institutionalized.  
But more darkly related to Obama’s enabling Islamist extremism is  Al-Rashed’s statement that "in the Middle East, our version of nationalist fascism is religious extremism, which is just as dangerous and destructive"…

“Nazis believe in elevating the white race above all others. Nazism caused the destruction of Europe, with 60 million people killed. After this disaster, the majority took it upon itself not to allow this extremist ideology to dominate in their societies. One can be religious, patriotic and nationalistic without being committed to eliminating others. We fear that we are at the beginning of the road to destruction in our region by allowing extremists to impose their agendas on society…

"Confronting these groups is everyone’s responsibility. Governments have major duties to fulfill, their core task being to provide protection from the evils of extremist groups that operate across borders…”  

Obama and his government's repeated lunacy of publicly absolving and/or excusing Islam and/or divorcing Islam from any Islamic violence ensures that all the good, peaceful people in Islam are prevented from successfully weeding out the bad extremist people in Islam.  How can a well-meaning Muslim attack the violence of Islam if the President of the United States repeatedly says that violence and murders made in the name of Islam are not at all Islam’s fault?  In fact, if a well-meaning Muslim tries to expose any violent Islam in his mosque he will have Obama’s “Islam is a religion of Peace” thrown in his face.

The result of Obama’s “Islamic-Violence-has-nothing-to-do-with-Islam” is that good Muslims are afraid to denounce Islamic-terrorism because they are afraid they will be killed or their families will be killed.  Because of this, virtually no American Islamic religious figures condemned the Fort Hood Shootings, Boston Marathon Bombings, or the San Bernardino mass murders.  In fact, Obama has validated the Islamic-extremist ideology that “Islam is the victim.”
So, if Muslim leaders, and Muslims can’t publicly accept that Islamic-terror originates in Islam, and publicly rail against it, how can Muslims ever root out the Islamic-extremists in their mosques.  Obama’s lunacy of publicly absolving and/or excusing Islam and/or divorcing Islam from Islamic violence insures he has paralyzed all the good people in Islam from weeding out the bad people in Islam. He has guaranteed that all the “Adolf Hitler’s” of Islam will win, and will soon come to rule Islam as Hitler ruled Germany.   It is a tragedy that the President who has repeatedly pontificated “We will never be at war with Islam,” has, in reality, set an almost irreversible path to such a terrible war.