Who ever imagine the time when a terrorist organization would vow not to discriminate between Jews while a Jewish group did the reverse. Discrimination against Jews is nothing new, but to read about a Jewish sector pitted against a blood-thirsty organization on how to treat Jews, and see the killers come out heads up over our own people, is an unbelievable phenomenon.

What am I talking about? If you don't know about this already, your stomach will turn as you read on.

On Thursday, October 29th, 2015, The hareidi Mishpacha magazine printed a letter (written by the assistant editor) which created a tidal wave shock among Jews across the globe. The letter, written both in Arabic and Hebrew, was directed to the Arab killers who have been rampaging in Israel for a number of weeks now.

Individuals or pairs of Arabs attack Jews everywhere, anywhere and anytime. Most of the latest attacks have been the knifing and stabbing of any Jew a terrorist finds. Young men, older people, women, children and infants have been stabbed and shot, some to death, and there is no letup of their efforts in sight.

Israeli police and soldiers are doing an excellent job in a very difficult atmosphere to protect the citizenry and in eliminating many killers. So what’s the real problem?

The writers of the letter, hareidim in origin, pleaded with the killers to recognize the fact, that they, the hareidim, do not ascend to the Temple Mount because of halakha and the punishment stated in the Torah for anyone who does so. As such, pleaded the writers, “…please don’t stab us….”

In other words, you, the killers, need to know that we, the hareidim, are different from the other Jews, because they are offending you on the Temple Mount, but we don’t. (The mendacious reason given by Mahmoud Abbas for the terror spurt is that the Jews want to change the status quo on the Temple Mount, a total fabrication.)

In my interpretation: We are good people who have no quarrel with you and would never offend you, so we’d greatly appreciate if you take that into consideration and differentiate between "us" and "them". When you "select" your next victim please look at what he is wearing. If you see a person wearing a black hat and suit with a white shirt that fellow is one of "us." When you confront a woman wearing a wig or turban, or a girl with a long skirt and sleeves, she is one of "us." 

Stop for a second, dear terrorist, and select someone else for your killing spree, perhaps someone with a knitted kippah, no head covering or a woman with her own hair. "Those" Jews are not part of our group, they probably do go up to the Mount and probably do provoke you. As such, if you stab them, we would clearly understand your motive. No complaints here.

Does the reader understand the selection process here? Does the reader realize that this letter, by Jews, begs for a selection process in which the "good" Jew is pitted clearly against the "bad" Jew? And the bad Jew’s blood is not as red as the hareidi Jew's. What a disgusting profanity against human decency.

In every generation our enemies selected and set aside Jews from gentiles. The Inquisition's henchmen selected Jews out of the populace, as did the Crusaders before them and the Nazis just seventy years ago. With the rise in anti-Semitism worldwide, everywhere a Jew lives he knows and is aware that he may very well be a target for harm. Jews were always selected for "special treatment."

And that is why the terrorist organization which responded to this despicable letter of selection ought to be admired for its "principles".. In a quick response to the hareidim, the Hamas stated emphatically that they do not discriminate, they will not be a party to such a selection. No, they said. You are all fair targets for murder. We will not back off from the black-clad person. All Jews are one package deal and all deserve to be eliminated. Every Jew.

The letter writers ought to be ashamed of themselves for attempting to sell the blood of their brothers. The magazine editors ought to resign immediately and close the magazine for printing such rubbish. Their lukewarm apology which they hurriedly printed in order to counter the rage, doesn’t cut the mustard. As mouthpieces for a community, they fell asleep on their watch and allowed ugliness and stupidity to influence their judgment.

Only they forgot that in the eyes of our enemies, a Jew is a Jew is a Jew……