Snatching defeat from the hands of victory
Snatching defeat from the hands of victory

Nobody likes to be the bearer of gloom and doom, particularly myself, but I am not seeing an accurate assessment of current events affecting Israel anywhere in mainstream media . Every day the Israeli press reports on terror attacks staged by Arabs wielding knives. Arafat spoke of an intifada using knives and it is now coming to pass.

Nobody has pointed out that when the Russians entered Syria  to fight ISIS but then bombed any forces opposed to Assad's remaining in power, that the traditional response by the USA did not occur. Specifically, over the last sixty-five years when the Russians posed a security threat to US allies and interests, the US 6th Fleet was dispatched to the Mediterranean to make a statement and to be prepared to protect our friends. But not this time. Obama is sending a message to Israel and more specifically to Netanyahu. It says: we don’t care about you.

Here is the reality: Hezbollah is in Lebanon and Syria with anywhere from 12,000 to 30,000 missiles with poison warheads; ISIS also controls territory as big as a country, Al Quds forces from Iran and the Revolutionary Guards Corps are also not far from Israel’s frontier.

Add to the mix that Communist China troops are being sent to Syria as advisers and are stationed off the Syrian coast. No sixth fleet to meet them, so this is a green light to Israel’s enemies to pressure Israel and a clear message from the U.S. State Department to capitulate to Arab and Muslim demands.

Add to this mix a sizeable population of Israeli Arabs in the Galilee who would rise up against Israel were Hezbollah to invade the north via tunnels or other means.

Finally we have Hamas everywhere and Abbas running around like a prima donna talking war when our leadership acts as if nothing is wrong. Jews are harassed on the Temple Mount so as not offend Jordan, deemed another US ally, but still part of the ummah. And Cuban troops have entered Syria to “assist” the Russians.

Susan Rice, who is Obama’s national security adviser, is an ISM apparatchik who used to attend anti-Israel and boycott conferences at college before she was appointed to the Obama administration. She was interviewed in London where she said the US and NATO allies should attack Israel to “protect” the Palestinians from the Israelis. What she really meant was for another Kosovo or Bosnia type war to hand Israel over to the Palestinian Muslims. Ali Abunimah, another ISM apparatchik, said when Obama was elected that he knew Obama personally and that once he was in power he would go after Israel. Abunimah leads the Arab action Network in Chicago and the ISM’s US campaign.

Here in the US, the Palestinians are promoting a new shibboleth that Israel is murdering Arab children and engaging in “ethnic cleansing.” Point of fact, it’s the Muslims and Arabs and Iranians who are engaging in ethnic cleansing of Jews. “But what about the armaments the US is selling Israel to defend itself?” some people ask. Well, that brings in money for the US economy. But if Israel finds itself in a full blown war, watch the resupply of parts for those weapons denied by the Obama Administration.

Then there’s the question of that old adage, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” The Russians are not yet bombing ISIS despite their claims. They are bombing insurgents opposed to Assad. Watch carefully and you may see ISIS and Assad come to a cooperative agreement to get rid of Israel once and for all. For those of you who think this is far-fetched remember the Sunnis in Hamas have been steadily supplied with missiles, tunnel equipment and whatever from Shiite Iran; Islamic divisiveness pales when faced with an opportunity to finally destroy the “Jewish entity.” The leaders of ISIS are former generals from Saddam Hussein’s army.  Striking a deal even with Shiites to destroy Israel is not that improbable.

The idea isn’t to destroy Israel’s infrastructure as much as to make sure there is no longer a Jewish state. Then there can be “peace”, meaning everybody will be Muslim.

Israel has more of its population killed in traffic accidents than in terrorist attacks.  Part of Netanyahu’s plan is to accept small losses of Israelis to preserve Israel’s existence rather go to a full blown war which may cost us 200,000 people. At the same time, Bibi is buying for time, hoping Israel will not fall victim to the same strategy that brought down the Christian Serbs and Bosnia for the Saudis. A NATO invasion force allied with the all the enemies of Israel’s borders is a real possibility. And don’t think the U.S. will prevent this. The U.S. put an embargo on weapons to Israel as far back as 1948.

There are still leftists in Israel who think the answer is to capitulate to the Arabs and put an end the fighting. The fact is the other side's actions are based on Jew-killing, not land, and they will never accept a Jewish state everywhere, particularly in the Middle East. Israel put terrorists and Jew-killers in two countries on its borders, continues to fund them and is now reaping the results.

If I were asked to declare when Israel ended, it would be with the Disengagement in 2005.  If you believe in a Deus Ex Machina scenario, it might make you feel good. But you might also need to endure another 2,000 year-old diaspora.

Finally, there’s Israel’s nuclear capabilities. But frankly, the area is so small, nuclear weapons from Israel can fall back on our own people. So shall Israel commit suicide to defend herself?

What should Israel do? What can they do?

Since Abbas declared the Oslo Accords null and void Israel needs to dissolve the Palestinian Authority government.  Abbas and his thugs must go into exile or face execution. The entire "West Bank" must be demilitarized. The Palestinian police are really terrorists so must be dissolved. I remember after the Disengagement when the first missiles flew into Sderot, they were pretty much harmless and never reached as far as Ashdod. Today we accept these missiles reaching Ashdod as a common event. 

With the pressures on all sides of Israel’s borders the last thing Israel can endure is a lack of control within those borders. Stone throwers must be shot on sight. If an Arab is seen with a slingshot he should be shot dead the same as one sighted with a gun. When Hamas marched in the center of Hevron shooting guns in the air, the IDF should have been dispatched and killed them. The Arabs have no fear any more. It’s time to reintroduce war fare from our side rather than to endure the nonsense that is going to destroy us.

Without an effective US President, it is vital Israel have zero terror attacks within the country. If this means killing without mercy any Arab carrying a knife or slingshot until they fear death, then so be it. 

There may be a full blown war with the Arabs before the end of Obama’s term in 2016 and efforts must be directed  to not aiding the Arabs to reach that point. Obama’a feckless leadership regarding Ukraine and Syria and the disposition of Russian troops have shown this attack would be best before he leaves office. The Third Intifada has in fact begun, with all the knife attacks an attempt to soften up Israeli resolve in the event of this war.