Livni’s 'two-state solution' will turn Tel Aviv into a ghetto
Livni’s 'two-state solution' will turn Tel Aviv into a ghetto

In the face of Palestinian blood-lust and barbarity beyond measure, what does MK Tzipi Livni, co-leader of the opposition, do?  Does she attack the blood-dripping Palestinian terrorists who are murdering Jews in the streets of Jerusalem and Be’er Sheva?  No. Does she call out Palestinian President Abbas for inciting the Palestinian murders with his blood-libels and hate-speech?  No, she attacks PM Netanyahu claiming Netanyahu has convinced us “that we are weak ghetto Jews in the Middle East.” 

Memo to Livni:  The "Two-State Solution” has already turned the entire state of Israel into a pre-Holocaust ghetto.

Livni has been the champion at brainwashing Israelis to think that they are just like White South African Apartheidists who must repent their evil sins, and create a "West Bank" terror state.  In July 2013, Livni, as Israel’s Justice Minister, said: “The time has come for the same youth to ask, to what kind of state do they want to leave the gas reserves? To a Jewish democratic Israel? Or to a binational Arab state? Or to an apartheid state?” So, Livni is telling Israel’s youth, either it's my “Two-State Solution", or your racist war-criminal apartheidists. 

It seems Livni wants to create a terror-state where Palestinian terrorist-murderers who use knives today can fire Sarin-chemical-gas-tipped katyusha rockets into Tel Aviv tomorrow.

In MK Livni’s recent screed against Netanyahu, while Palestinians are running over Israeli civilians only because they are Jewish, Livni says “Leave the Holocaust alone, Mr. Netanyahu.  Let us remember our dead.”  In the next sentence in her facebook statement, she then attacks Netanyahu with a virulent Holocaust reference by saying PM Netanyahu “has convinced us that we are weak and a step away from destruction. That we are weak ghetto Jews in the Middle East."  Livni is attacking Netanyahu for using Holocaust imagery, but in her next sentence Livni herself is attacking Netanyahu with Holocaust imagery.  

Worse, Livni says “Let us remember our dead.”  That’s exactly what PM Netanyahu is doing, remembering the Jewish dead who were murdered by Hitler and the Mufti who were co-partners in the Second World War Jewish Holocaust.  What’s the point of “Never again” if the Holocaust as an issue is not raised when the existence of Israel hangs in the balance?  Livni is desecrating the memory of the 6 million Jews murdered by Hitler and his Palestinian co-mass-murderer the Mufti.

But then comes the biggest contradiction of all: “We must clearly speak the truth. And the truth is that for year, the Prime Minister of Israel - the sovereign, independent, and strongest state in the region - has convinced us that we are weak and a step away from destruction.”  Israel is strong, but it is the strongest state in the region because Israel hasn’t ceded the Golan Heights and the "West Bank" the way MK Livni wanted to cede them. 

Imagine if Livni had succeeded in amputating those defense areas.  Today, there wouldn’t be her imagined peace.  Instead, there would be thousands of ISIS or Iranian Islamists suicide bombers in the Golan and the "West Bank" chafing at the bit to drench their hands in Jewish blood.  With an Iranian-infested "West Bank", Israel wouldn’t be a “sovereign state,” it would be a modern-day Auschwitz crematoria.

Ms. Livni, please “speak the truth,” and stop the delusional suicidal lies that will turn the sovereign Israel into a Tel Aviv Ghetto State.