The World Mourns Charleston but Condones the Slaughtering of a Jew
The World Mourns Charleston but Condones the Slaughtering of a Jew

Nine American Blacks have been targeted and killed for being Blacks by a White suprematist idiot inside a Methodist Church.

The South Carolina governor immediately suggested the death penalty for him. The American press rallied around the Afro-American community and preached moral sanctimony about the US and its never-ending racism. The liberal organizations asked for gun control.

A few hours later, an Israeli citizen named Danny Gonen was slaughtered and targeted for being a Jew inside his car in the Biblical Binyamin area by an Arab-Islamic suprematist idiot.

But the 9 Blacks and Gonen blood did not have the same specific value. Nobody called for the death penalty of the “Palestinian” terrorist who shot at 25 year old Danny Gonen. The Israeli press blamed the fact that Gonen, who lived in the pre-1967 Armistice Line city of Lod,  was hiking near a “settlement” and nobody blamed Arab racism. The liberal organizations didn’t ask how the Arab terrorist got the weapon to kill a Jew.

As if the 9 Blacks’ blood is holy while Israel’s sins had to be washed away by Gonen’s Jewish blood.
And the world? Well, the world simply ignored the news that a Jew was killed for being a Jew. Not Obama, not the United Nations, not the European Union sent condolences to Gonen’s family. As if the 9 Blacks’ blood is holy while Israel’s sins had to be washed away by Gonen’s Jewish blood.

When the Europeans cite Israel as “the greatest threat to world peace,” they think exactly the way the Nazis did: “The Jewish state is our misfortune”. That’s why they so easily accepted the idea that a young Jew had been killed in his car. Those who drive in Judea and Samaria in an Israeli car know what it means to pass through an Arab village. The Israeli yellow plate turns you into a target for terrorists. But Gonen was driving on the road and stopped his car for an Arab who waved him down for "help."

So if America kills terrorists, there’s no issue, but if Israel does, Jews are “war-criminals” to be pursued at The Hague. If Americans are targeted by fellow citizens that is a national tragedy. If Jews are targeted by Arabs in an area in which both reside, it is “the occupation”’s fault.

Israel, stop placating the world. The blood of one Jew is enough for you to ignore the world.

But the problem also goes beyond double standard.  

The US, when it suits its interests, kills terrorists. Take Osama Bin Laden and many other al Qaeda operatives.  

Israel negotiates with terrorists and it even goes further and brings terrorists from Tunisia, like Yasser Arafat and his terrorist thugs. Therefore the world says make “peace with your enemies” and objects  when Israel harms terrorists.

It’s not only the world that has a problem, the problem is also Israel. The world will only respect a strong Israel.