In Italy, a Church Becomes a Mosque
In Italy, a Church Becomes a Mosque
The French Jacobin army, which ruled the city of Venice for eight years during the XIX century, closed 104 of 187 churches in the city.

Now Islam has replaced Christianity in the city at the famous Biennale artistic exhibition. A Swiss artist, Christian Büchel, took the ancient Catholic Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia in Venice and converted it into a mosque for the duration of the Biennale, that is, until November.

Büchel's work, entitled "The Mosque", is an initiative of the Icelandic pavilion for the Biennale. The church of Santa Maria today only serves the pigeons who use it for nesting and is no longer used for functions of Christian worship for over forty years. 

Büchel has rebuilt the interior to make it a mosque. With its installation, Büchel intends to put the issue of rampant "Islamophobia" at the center of the exhibit, while the Icelandic Minister of Education, Illugi Gunnarsson, said that the work will open a "dialogue". 

Up until now, Venice was one of the few European cities without a mosque. Now the church will have its baroque walls decorated with Arabic writing, the floor covered with a carpet of prayer facing Mecca and the crucifix tucked behind an Islamic mihrab, a niche indicating the direction of the holy city of Islam. 

Mohamed Amin Al Ahdab, president of the Islamic community of Venice, is pleased, but would have been even more so if the original project had prevailed, in which the church was supposed to display the words "Allah Akbar". 

The idiotic academic community of Venice congratulated the Islamisation project, with Leimsidor Bruce, Professor of Immigration Law at the Ca 'Foscari University, who said: "Venice is the most tolerant [city] of Italy". 

What is happening these days in Venice is already a reality in the Netherlands: from 1970 to 2008, 205 Catholic churches were demolished and 148 converted into libraries, restaurants, gyms, apartments and mosques. Or in Germany, where in the next few years 15,000 of 45,000 existing churches, a third of the total, will be demolished or sold.

We should ask this so called "artist", if the Biennale's shameful exhibition and the morally bankrupt city of Venice could go to any country in the Middle East, except Israel, and suggest that the authorities convert a mosque into a church.

We know what would happen. They would be murdered on the spot.