Israel is the Most Important Gift to the Community of Nations
Israel is the Most Important Gift to the Community of Nations

Decency and morality are losing ground in the whole world. 

Human life doesn't mean much today, as it is under attack by Islam as well as by a corrosive nihilism.
The West is atoning uninterruptedly, infected by the idea that evil can only come from its ranks, while the rest of the world is motivated by sympathy, kindness and purity.

Human life doesn't mean much today, as it is under attack by Islam as well as by a corrosive nihilism. 

The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, should have his Nobel peace prize revoked for not stopping the Iranian nuclear program, starting a middle east nuclear race which will end in a cataclysmic tragedy. 

Europe stopped fighting a long time ago. Its highest moral voice, Pope Francis, is not even able to mention the word "Islam" despite thousands of Christians hunted down everywhere, from Pakistan to Kenya, while Francis' predecessors, Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict, were giants who fought against Communism and relativism. 

Writers and intellectuals are mute, as if they have lost the ability to say the truth. 

There is only one nation on earth fighting evil and giving a meaning to the word "civilization" - not good manners, but a hierarchy of values. That nation is the Jewish state of Israel. This is one of the last bastions of humanity. 

You see not only by Israel's willingness to fight just wars against people who bring only destruction and pain in this world. You see it in Israel through the intensity of people's devotion to a higher meaning. Only Israel today offers some hope for mankind, something that can enable us to maintain faith in human values under an unprecedented moral collapse. 

I was born in an agnostic Catholic family with a deep empathy for the Jewish people. For me Judaism, with its ethical monotheism, has always been the force of good and light in a hostile and dark world. I also always knew that the Jewish condition is the focal point of an enormous battle of identities and that the survival of the State of Israel is the single most defining issue of our time. Tiny Israel matters urgently to the Western world, because it has become its most imperiled member of our civilization. 

I was born in the post-Auschwitz Europe, this cemetery of the Jewish people, and I always felt that the new anti-Semitism signals the risk of the avalanche, perhaps even the fall, of the whole of Western society. The Jews are not our marginal guests; the worst of all anti-Jewish persecutions, that of Hitler, almost marked the end of European history, culture and religion. We have the duty to make the world a safer place for the Jewish people. 

The West holds, once again, the reins of authority and power concerning Israel’s existence and survival. It must act now to condemn the appeasement of Israel’s enemies and to recognize that Israel’s existence is the most important gift to the Gentile community of nations.