Reassessing the Two State Solution
Reassessing the Two State Solution

Obama has ominously threatened to “reassess” the 2-State Solution and the Israel-US relationship in light of PM Netanyahu’s last-minute measured, reasonable election statements regarding the 2-state solution that "Anyone who is going to establish a Palestinian state, anyone who is going to evacuate territories today, is simply giving a base for attacks to the radical Islam against Israel.  This is the true reality that was created here in the last few years.”

In response, according to White House officials, US President Obama told “Prime Minister [Netanyahu] that we will need to reassess our options following the Prime Minister's new positions and comments regarding the two state solution.”  I guess the White House is ‘really angry’ that the millions of US Government taxpayer dollars that Obama illegally spent on illegally toppling Netanyahu failed to do the trick.  Hence, the “White House officials” didn’t even refer to Netanyahu by his name.

But, by all means, let’s reassess the Two-State Solution, Israel’s relationship and strategic value to the United States, Israel’s stability in the Middle East, and its projection of US values and military force into the Middle East.  Here are some of the questions which should form a substantial element of America’s “reassessment.”

1)    Would a Palestinian state existentially jeopardize Israel’s security by constricting Israel into what is a hew Auschwitz with a Muslim terrorist Palestinian state within 10 miles of areas densely holding 70% of Israel’s Jewish population on the coastal plain and another 15% of Israel’s Jewish population in Jerusalem.

2)    If Gaza repeats itself in the 'West Bank', and the Palestinian state begins to lob katyusha rockets and anti-tank missiles into pre-1967 Israel, will the United States take the same even-handed approach it took to the combatants in all of the Gaza-Israel wars where Palestinians have fired over 20,000 rockets into pre-1967 Israel?

3)    If Muslims are using poison chemical gas in Syria to murder other Muslims, will the Islamist Muslims fighting in the to-be-created State of Palestine likely use poison chemical gas to murder the remaining densely-packed Jews in what is left of Israel?

4)    Will the rest of America’s Middle East allies see Obama and America as having fatally betrayed their most vital and democratic ally?  If the United States betrayed Israel, all of the US’ remaining allies will likely believe they are next on the US betrayal list, and write-off the US as a reliable ally.

5)    After Obama’s catastrophic decisions in bombing Libya’s dictator, attempting to oust Mubarak from Egypt and replace him with the Muslim Brotherhood, handing Iraq to Iran, and protecting Assad, anointing Iran as a nuclear-weapons-threshold state, shouldn't Obama first reassess his own administration's total failure in the Middle East before taking any additional drastic actions?  Or, is Obama’s policy simply, without informing Congress, to unilaterally betray all of the United States' time-honored allies, and empower the hegemonic Shiite Iran with a nuclear arsenal to control the entire Middle East?

6)  Israel stands between 370 Million Muslims and the core NATO-Christian country of Greece, Europe’s “soft-underbelly.”  Without Israel protecting NATO’s south-eastern flank how many billions of US dollars will have to be added to the US defense budget to protect Greece from the 370 Million Muslims?  Tens to hundreds of billions a year will have to be added to the US defense budget, if the US intends to protect Greece from a Middle East without Israel.  Without Israel, is Greece defensible at any price?  And for that matter, without Israel, is Europe defensible at any price? (

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7)    Now, from Jordan’s west, Israel stands as the protector of Jordan from a Hamas/Hezbollah state which will surely take over Obama’s enforced Palestinian  State.  Will a Palestinian state pose a mortal danger to Jordan already endangered from the north by ISIS?

8)    Or, instead of a Palestinian state falling to Iran, maybe it will fall to ISIS?  What will America have to do to reverse such a calamity?  And, what danger will this present to America’s interests in the Middle East?

9)    Have the governing Palestinians of Hamas in Gaza and Abbas in Judea and Samaria shown themselves to be democratic, transparent civil societies?  Haven’t they both failed to abide by any norms of democracy or transparency of governmental finances?  And instead, haven’t they each either diverted and/or stolen billions of US and European aid dollars, and local taxes from their citizens?

10)    How will Israel’s destruction affect the lives of the Palestinians that now live in relative peace and security?  Will Israel become yet another Islamic sectarian battle-ground, and turn into another Syria, where millions of Muslims have been violently displaced by other Muslims and brutally murdered?

In short, Obama doesn’t want an honest reassessment of the intellectual and security bankruptcy of the 2-State Solution, and the importance of Israel’s vital role as America’s strategic anchor in the Middle East?  No!  Obama wants a predetermined, staged-trial to falsely characterize Israel as how Obama and his new ally, Iran, see Israel: as a colonialist-pariah state that needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.