Dershowitz: Wrong on Iran/Obama, Wrong on Two States
Dershowitz: Wrong on Iran/Obama, Wrong on Two States

Professor Alan Dershowitz is widely considered an outstanding professor of law, but when it comes to Israeli and Middle East security, he is far afield. Prof. Dershowitz would be well advised to keep his Israeli military security strategy to himself. 

His 2008 and 2012 adoring Obama-support put the American Jews to sleep, and significantly helped Obama get elected - not once, but twice.  And, Dershowitz’s very-own “President Obama” (and he constantly brags about having an Obama White House presidential kippa) has become the first Israel-hater U.S. president in history, and the man who has engineered Iran into becoming a nuclear-weapons state that can annihilate Israel and Saudi Arabia, America’s strategic anchors in the Middle East. 

Dershowitz’s sycophantic pandering of Obama will facilitate bringing catastrophe to Sunni Islam, Israel and eventually, the United States.  What’s worse, despite Dershowitz’s egregious errors on Obama, Iran, and Israel, he continues to spew additional nonsense about the two-state solution.

Dershowitz’s record on Iran shows it clearly:

In 2012, Dershowitz wrote in an essay entitled “The case for President Obama’s reelection”: “President Obama has clearly stated that he is not bluffing when he says that his administration will never allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. A second-term president generally has more credibility than a first-term president when it comes to threatening military action.”

Empowering Iran’s nuclear-armed hegemony over the Middle East to “promote stability” is like hiring a convicted felon arsonist to guard a fireworks factory.
Now, in 2015, the same Dershowitz, in an interview, says:

"My fear is that whether it's this year or next year or 10 years from now, Barack Obama is going to go down in history as the (former British Prime Minister) Neville Chamberlain of the 21st century, if Iran ever does develop nuclear weapons. . . .We will point to this point in history and say, this was the turning point. This was the point where the president could've recognized the greatest threat to the world in the 21st century and, like Chamberlain in the 20th century, he failed to do it. That will be his legacy if Iran develops nuclear weapons and the capacity to deliver them."

We are way past Obama-Chamberlain analogies. The world survived Chamberlain’s appeasement because Hitler didn’t have the nuclear bomb.  With an Islamo-Nazi Iran armed with a nuclear bomb, the world won’t survive.  Dershowitz is not only insulting Chamberlain, he’s also giving unintended intellectual protection to Obama.  According to Dershowitz, the world survived Chamberlain’s mistakes, therefore, the world will survive Obama’s mistakes, so it’s not the end of the world.  But a nuclear-armed Iran is the end of the free Western world, and perhaps of the entire planet.  .

Dershowitz is giving Obama an intellectual “pass” by his faux-tough comparison to Chamberlain.  Chamberlain made terrible, but well-meaning mistakes.  Obama isn’t making mistakes, Obama knows about Chamberlain, yet he is purposefully turning a nuclear-armed Iran into the alpha-dog of the Middle East, because Obama is anti-Churchill and does not oppose Islamic takeovers. Obama is now positing that Iran is going to keep the Middle East “stable.”  Empowering Iran’s nuclear-armed hegemony over the Middle East to “promote stability” is like hiring a convicted felon arsonist to guard a fireworks factory.

In February 2012, in my article entitled, “The Obama Domino Doctrine:Pro-Iran/Anti-Saudi,” I spelled out that Obama was stabbing Saudi Arabia in the back, and making Iran into the hegemon of the Middle East. Obama’s nuclear enabling of Iran isn’t a mistake, it’s a culmination of his crypto-jihad pro-Iran, anti-Saudi policy that can live with a Middle East sans Israel or the Saudis.  Dershowitz got Obama’s Iran policy wrong in 2008, wrong in 2012, and still wrong in 2015.  

And when it comes to a 'West Bank' two-state solution, Dershowitz is totally off the mark. In spite of the 2014 Summer Gaza War, Dershowitz still recently opined in an a July 2014 essay entitled, “Has Hamas ended the prospects for a two state solution?”:

“Israel could not accept the risk of a Hamas takeover of the West Bank and the resulting Hamas rocket attacks at the nearby Ben Gurion Airport. It may still be possible to create a two-state solution whereby Israel withdraws its civilian settlers from most of the West Bank and agrees to land swaps for areas that now contain large settlement blocks. But Israel will have to retain military control over its security borders, which extend to the Jordan River. It will also have to maintain a sufficient military presence to assure that what happened in Gaza does not happen in the West Bank. These military realities do not have to exist forever. Israel's military presence could be reduced if the Palestinian Authority were to maintain effective control over the West Bank and prevent terrorists from using that area to send rockets and terrorists into Israel.”

Dershowitz’s fantasy about Israel’s evicting Israeli settlements and retaining de facto “military control over its security borders, which extend to the Jordan River” is disconnected from reality. It is worse than Dershowitz trusting Obama on Iran. He should look at what evicting Israeli settlements did for Israeli security in Gaza. Dershowitz’s “Jordan Valley defense" is a no-brainer.

In short, when it comes to Israel and the Middle East, Dershowitz should simply bow out.  He should stop making inappropriate historical analogies to Chamberlain that actually camouflage the true ignominy of Obama’s actual Middle East designs.

If anything, Dershowitz might publically admit he was wrong on Obama and Iran, and even more wrong on the two-state solution.  Both of his delusional Israeli policies have played a part in bringing the Jews of Israel and the world to the brink of another Holocaust and World War. And this time, it will be a world war where the Iranians will not only sit on 56% of the world’s oil supply, but be armed with a multi-weapon nuclear arsenal.