Response to Engelhard: American Sniper is Beyond Rogen
Response to Engelhard: American Sniper is Beyond Rogen

Jack Engelhard's recent article on Seth Rogen was important, but skipped part of the story. Here it is:

Seth Rogen is a secular Jewish Canadian, not an American, which is not that relevant, but it should be noted that Rogen and Judd Apatow, the Jewish film director who made him a star make films that appeal to 12 year-olds and adolescents, not adults. They are the jokes that make middle school students titter in class. Sex is a big deal in all these films, as is marijuana, but is always presented  on a junior high school level.

Rogen's contemporaries like James Franco and Jonah Hill are also secular Jews with almost no knowledge about their Judaism or concern for Israel. To them, being Jewish in America is lox and bagels on the weekend and maybe an occasional yiddish word.

The Holocaust holds no meaning to them either so why should American soldiers be of concern? These boychiks make millions, yes, millions, making movies the subject matter of which wouldn't have made it past a studio executive's desk 40 years ago. Today, they make money, that's all that

Hitler did not die in a movie theater fire, but wouldn't it have been a neat ending if he had?

In fairness to Rogen, he didn't really want to attack Chris Kyle or our military. He said he felt "American Sniper" reminded him of a Nazi propaganda film shown at the end of Quentin Tarantino's "Inglorious Basterds" (Tarantino is another product of ignorance of history who just makes nonsensical films with lots of action and blood - that make money).

Hitler did not die in a movie theater fire, but wouldn't it have been a neat ending if he had? Lots of explosions and noise and the audience likes to see the bad guy get it. Again, the adolescent mind took over in Hollywood and an immature script made lots of money.

Jack is right that Rogen is part of an immature generation in America most of whom do not face a draft or have relatives being exterminated over in far off Europe or Asia. He writes and acts in films that he  can relate to his daily life; smoking a doobie, chasing a girl who may not want him, playing cards or video games  and telling stupid jokes.  

Rogen isn't the only one deserving of criticism; Michael Moore makes millions with leftist agitprop that draws a film audience of the same adolescents and college kids for other reasons. I wish Engelhard would write on Moore, who does denigrate the military and loves the attention he gets from the Europeans at Cannes. Most of all, Moore knows ridiculing soldiers like Chris Kyle keeps his name and image before the public so they won't forget him before his next film.

Engelhard lists the names of Hollywood leading men who are no longer influential. Some of them, in their senior years, became anti-Semitic or embraced Palestinian propaganda in their films. Marlon Brando, amazingly, as an up-and-coming actor in 1948 played the lead on Broadway in Ben Hecht's "A Flag is Born", a play about the founding of Israel. Many years later he appeared  on the Larry King show where he railed against “the Jews”.  Robert Redford’s "Sundance" has become a distribution outlet for Palestinian propaganda films that lie about Israel.

In Rogen's mind, any glorification of the military or heroism seems like a propaganda film because he cannot relate to the real reasons such films are shown. More important, however, Hollywood is starting to rehash the Palestinian's Pallywood propaganda now due to Arab lobbying. We all have bigger fish to fry fighting that.

As for you, Mr. Rogen, would you consider doing a fundraiser for the Friends of the IDF? It might give you some insight into the real world where Jews are targets for being Jews. It might even open your perspective on why the Media jumped on you.