Traitors of Israel
Traitors of Israel

The worst traitors of Israel are those who claim to love the country and then betray it. Two days ago, an article was published in The Guardian - a virulently anti-Israel rag that masters the art of exaggeration and disinformation. The Guardian is mirroring the information published in Haaretz - because, as I said, the worst traitors are not those who live in the UK, but those who live here.

The article in both places claims to present the view of some 43 "senior" intelligence officers and soldiers from Unit 8200. The problem, of course, is that this unit is highly classified and even divulging one's participation in that unit is enough to be thrown out of it. 

By extension, since belonging to that honorable and important unit is classified, any moron can claim to be part of it and short of endangering the whole unit, the IDF will not comment.

Since belonging to that honorable and important unit is classified, any moron can claim to be part of it ...
Logic would therefore dictate that these traitors of Israel are nothing more than opportunists wishing to damage Israel. The letter starts off with the following:

"We, veterans of Unit 8200, reserve soldiers both past and present, declare that we refuse to take part in actions against Palestinians..."

Well, gee, that makes them useless, doesn't it. Against whom do they want to take part in actions? People from Micronesia?

The fact that they chose to ignore the standard chain of command suggests they aren't even from this unit because naturally, a non-member couldn't contact a commanding officer from Unit 8200 and complain, right?

One of the traitors, who claims to be a 29-year-old captain named D, was quoted as saying the following...line by line:

"What the IDF does in the occupied territories is rule another people."

Well, gee, D, it took you 8 years of "service" to figure that out? Impressive. Yes, the Palestinian Arabs are not Jews. Congratulations to you.

"One of the things you need to do is defend yourself from them..."

Well, gee D, it took you 8 years to figure that out? Yes indeed - when the local population is attacking homes and murdering children, throwing stones that kill toddlers and babies, flinging firebombs at cars and buses, kidnapping and murdering teens, shooting people as they wait for buses, stabbing people and more, you do indeed have to defend yourself from them. 

"...but you also need to oppress the population".

See, now D. this is where you use a standard and well used method of propaganda. You start off by making two statements that seem perfectly logical so that people nod their heads in agreement, and then you say something asinine hoping they won't catch you. If you start with fact and then introduce the lie, there is hope that you'll get away with it, whereas if you start with the lie, you are more likely to be caught.

Good, show, D. - and going to Haaretz, the most anti-Israel paper in the country, was another great choice. What other paper would endanger Israel and our relations with other countries to publish your lies and be a tool for your betrayal?

 No, we do not "need" to oppress the Palestinian Arab population and we don't. 

Have you perhaps been in an Israeli hospital in the last 8 years, D.? Have you not noticed the huge number of Palestinian Arabs - patients, nurses and doctors there? Oppressed? No, not even close. 

Have you been in a store in the last 8 years? Walk down any main street in Jerusalem, and most other cities in Israel and you will see dozens of Arabs at any moment, freely shopping, purchasing, and working in thousands of stores throughout Israel.

On the Jerusalem light rail? Did you happen to miss the hundreds who regularly and without incident ride the light rail (well, without anything happening to them). Jews, on the other hand, are often stoned (85 times in the last 250 days) on the light rail, and I was on a train attacked with tear gas by a young Palestinian who quickly ran off the train towards the nearest Arab neighborhood.

"We can’t talk about specifics": … [but] intelligence is used to apply pressure to people who, it is believed, know about a planned terrorist act, to make them cooperate with their questioners and save lives.

It would be reasonable to assume that the reason that D. can't talk about specifics is that he is nothing more than a pathetic traitor that never got into a unit as honored as the 8200 and was not privy to anything but the drivel that comes out of the papers he has rushed to be quoted in. 

The 43 claim they were highly motivated and this claim I believe - though I doubt it was motivation to actually serve the country of Israel. More likely our enemies - that I would believe.

Very rightly, the IDF has responded to the meandering and illogical accusations of these nameless, faceless traitors with a very simple response:

"The intelligence corps has no record that the specific violations in the letter ever took place. Immediately turning to the press instead of to their officers or relevant authorities is suspicious and raises doubts as to the veracity of the claims.'

"Regarding claims of harm caused to civilians, the IDF maintains a rigorous process which takes into account civilian presence before authorizing strikes against targets".