Netanyahu, Why Insult IS? Hamas is Much Worse
Netanyahu, Why Insult IS? Hamas is Much Worse

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has pronounced that “Hamas is IS (formerly ISIS) and IS is Hamas.”  Why is Bibi insulting IS?  Compared to Hamas, IS are choir boys.

A close look at the two organizations, reveals that:

1. The Palestinian Arabs voted for the terrorist group Hamas as their government.

IS, however, are Islamist mass-murdering terrorists for whom no one has ever voted or granted legal legitimacy to rule.

Hamas members are mass-murdering terrorists fpr whom, in 2005, approximately 3.5 million Palestinians voted in as their governing body.  Who is more evil, terrorists who have the legitimacy of having been voted for by almost 4 million Palestinian people, or a bunch of rag-tag un-legitimized terrorists.  

Hamas is much worse.

2. In 2007, Hamas massacred hundreds of Fatah loyalists; the world yawned.

When Hamas took over Gaza in 2007, they machine-gunned dozens of Fatah members while they lay face down, and the world gladly accepted the new Hamas rule over Gaza.  Now, IS machine-guns hundreds of Shiites and moderate-Sunnis, and the world gets upset.  

Who’s worse? Mass-murderers the world loves, or mass-murderers the world scorns? 

3. Obama has granted the seal of approval of the United States of America to a government of which Hamas was an integral and controlling part.

Not only did Obama approve of the PA’s “Unity” government of which Hamas was an integral part, Obama has run interference for Hamas every step of the Gaza War, whereas, in Iraq, Obama has been blowing IS to bits. 

Obama isn’t blowing Hamas to bits, and he’s been denying the Israelis the necessary weapons to do it themselves.

Hamas is much worse than IS.

4. European anti-Semites are violently demonstrating for Hamas, not IS.

Some European Muslim Islamists are being recruited for IS.  But, nobody is violently demonstrating for them yet like they are for Hamas.  What this means is that Hamas terrorists are looked upon as heroes by millions of Muslims and other virulent anti-Semites in Europe. 

Again, Hamas is a lot worse than ISIS.

5. The EU, the UN, and the United States fund Hamas.

This comparison is a close one. Hamas is funded by the entire world, but IS robs banks, and has tons of money.  One the one hand, all Hamas has to do is sit back and collect coupons from all the world’s “do-gooder” countries, and organizations.  On the other, IS has to kidnap people for ransom, rob banks, and sell occupied oil. 

I’ll call this one a tie.

6. Hamas is embedded in the Palestinian population, and can’t be destroyed.

The Palestinians love Hamas so much that they have let them embed themselves in the densest civilian populations centers in the world.  Therefore, it’s almost impossible to militarily defeat Hamas.  But, IS is out in the open desert, and exposed to US F-16’s with Hellfire missiles. 

Hamas is thousands of times worse than IS.

7.Hamas is militarily protected by the United Nations.

As a corollary to #5 and #6, Hamas and its rockets are housed and protected by the United Nations through its UNRWA schools and other facilities.  IS, for now, isn’t being protected by the United Nations.  But, give IS time and I’m sure the UN will see IS as good prospect to try to annihilate Israel.  And, when it does, the UN members will fall over themselves to protect IS. 

But until the UN protects IS, Hamas is much worse.

8. Hamas kills mostly Jews, with some Fatah thrown in for good measure.

Hamas really tries to massacre only Jews, or anyone who gets in their way; whereas, IS is a non-denominational mass-murderer.   Hitler was really much more dangerous than someone who openly bragged about being a full-spectrum mass-murderer because Hitler was actually successful in killing the Jews first. 

Then, once Hitler got on a roll, he gladly mass-murdered anyone else.  But, if Hitler had just murdered everybody like IS, people would have caught on much earlier to his mass-murdering ways. 

So, again, Hamas is much worse than IS.

It would appear that Netanyahu was insulting IS by calling them Hamas.  But then, IS might have taken the insult comparing themselves to Hamas as a compliment.  Stay tuned.