Gaza’s Present is 'West Bank' Prologue
Gaza’s Present is 'West Bank' Prologue

The universal lynchpins of any “peace” deal concerning the "West Bank" are the security arrangements the United States would employ to defend Israel from terrorist attacks launched from an evacuated Judea and Samaria. (the “West Bank”)

Obama’s current defense of Israel from Palestinian tunnel and rocket attacks from Gaza can serve as a prism to preview the various elements of those so-called security arrangements.

1. In 2006, Hamas was democratically elected by the Palestinian Arabs as the ruling party.

In 2006, by a popular vote of 444,409 to 410,554, all the Palestinians in Gaza and the "West Bank", “democratically” elected Hamas as the ruling party of the Palestinian Legislative Council (the PA’s analog to the US Congress) with 74 seats compared to Fatah’s 45.  The Palestinians freely elected Hamas not in spite of Hamas’ call to destroy Israel, but specifically because of its charter to destroy Israel. (This does not imply that the PLO changed its charter, which it didn’t.)  Hence, Hamas is not just a terror group, Hamas, at this moment, is the “democratically” elected ruling party of the Palestinian Authority. 

What American “security arrangement” could prevent Hamas from “democratically” ruling the "West Bank"?  In fact, Hamas is already supposed to be “democratically” ruling the "West Bank".

2. 75% of Gazans, and 49% of "West Bankers" Support Suicide Bombings

Notably, in a recent 2014 Pew Study poll, where Israel “disengaged” from Gaza, a whopping 75% of Gazans support suicide bombings: Often-39%, Sometimes-23%, and Rarely-13%.  But, surprisingly, the "West Bank", where Israel is still in control, only 49% support suicide bombings: Often: 22%, Sometimes: 14%, and Rarely: 13%. 

Now if Israel’s retreat from Gaza is any indication, Arab "West Bankers" will become even more virulently radicalized if Israel leaves.  And remember, these numbers only polled support of “suicide bombings” in which a Palestinian Arab dies.  Imagine if the Pew pollsters asked the Palestinian Arabs about firing Katyusha rockets into Tel Aviv or Ben Gurion Airport where no Palestinians are hurt.  

These fresh 2014 Pew Study “suicide” support numbers show Hamas could today, be democratically elected to control the "West Bank" on an “annihilate Israel” platform.  And, no American “security arrangement” could stop it.

After Gaza, could any US Jew in good conscience actively lobby Senators and Congressmen to put US “peacekeeping” troops into the harm’s way of a Judea and Samaria death-trap?

Thousands of US Troops would have to be deployed to the "West Bank" on a suicide mission

Imagine if US Jews had lobbied Capitol Hill, and strong-armed the US Congress to put US “peacekeeping” troops in the Gaza Strip, and US troops were now in the midst of this fire-fight, and were getting killed.  Now, that’s an “Oy gevalt” moment.

But, after Gaza, could any US Jew in good conscience actively lobby Senators and Congressmen to put US “peacekeeping” troops into the harm’s way of a Judea and Samaria death-trap?   Either, G-d forbid, the US troops would be murdered by Hamas/ISIS/Fatah terrorists, and/or caught in cross-fire between Israeli soldiers and Hamas/ISIS/Fatah Palestinian terrorists. 

It wouldn’t matter how the US soldier was killed.  Every American would see the US soldier’s blood on American Jews’ hands for actively lobbying for the troops in the first place.

Obama’s “ceasefire” 10-sec sound-bite message to Joe and Jane Six-Pack is that Israel is as venal as Hamas.

When a parent yells at his battling kids in the backseat of the car to “ceasefire,” everyone understands that to mean they are “both guilty.”  But, when a parent, tells one of the kids he is wrong, and had better stop or he is going to get punished, everyone understands who is the guilty one. 

Hence, at best, Obama’s current Gaza “cease-fire” ten-second sound-bite message to Americans is that the Israelis are just as bad as Hamas.  (Imagine for a second, what message FDR would have sent to Americans when Hitler was bombing London, if FDR had said, “Ceasefire now, Winston and Adolph.”) 

It gets worse, in the “two kids in the back seat” analogy, if it appears that one kid has a bat, and the other has a kid's bow and arrow, and they are attacking each other, everyone would say the one with a bat is a homicidal lunatic, and needs to be committed.  Well, to the tunnel-vision mainstream news, Israel has the “bat” of F-16’s that can take-down buildings while Hamas has, at worst, “pesky” rockets that “rarely do harm.” 

So, under Obama’s implied Israel-Gaza “message” echoed by the widely-followed John Stewart, a Jew,Israel is not only a homicidal country, it’s a war-criminal country for defending itself. 

America, Israel's indispensable military ally, has turned itself into a neutral “honest broker”

Israel’s entire defense relies on the United States as a bedrock military ally.  But, in its gambit to unilaterally cede Gaza and the "West Bank", Israel has actively encouraged America (Israel’s only real ally) to be an “honest broker” that is neutral on the Israelis and Palestinians. 

Israel asked for America’s neutrality in the left’s dream of a negotiated “peace,” and instead has gotten its “neutrality” in the reality of war. 

If the United States is pro-Hamas when it wants to appear to be “neutral” so Israel can trust the US enough to cede the "West Bank", just wait for America to be even more pro-Palestinian after Israel has ceded the "West Bank" and has nothing left to cede.

A hole-in-one-rocket from Gaza, but a chip-shot-rocket unto the green from the "West Bank".

A Palestinian terrorist  firing a 302mm rocket weighing 1700 pounds from Gaza is similar to Tiger Woods making a 175 yard par 3-hole-in-one: not impossible, but not easy.  302mm rockets are huge, have to be aimed just exactly right, fly 50 miles, and expose their terrorist operators to Israeli pre-launch attack. 

But, a 122mm katyusha rocket fired 7 miles from the "West Bank" into Tel Aviv, is as easy as a blind-folded duffer chipping a golf ball onto the green from one foot away with 50 do-overs: He can’t miss. 

That’s because a terrorist from the "West Bank" with a small and light-weight 122mm rocket doesn’t need to aim the rocket except to point it generally west.  Given the Jewish population density of the coastal plain, which is greater than Gaza's,  he just has to fire it in virtually any direction from the West Bank and it will surely kill somebody or destroy something important. 

If the FAA over-reacted to Gaza’s 302mms that have almost zero chance of actually hitting Ben Gurion Airport, the FAA will be justified if "West Bank" ball-bearing war-headed katyushas ever blast the Ben Gurion tarmac sending red-hot anti-personnel ball-bearings through the gas tanks of parked 747s.

With these points in mind, it’s easy to understand why Binyamin Netanyahu was recently quoted as stating:

“But at the same time, Israel had to ensure that “we don’t get another Gaza in Judea and Samaria” — aka as the "West Bank".

Amid the current conflict, he elaborated, “I think the Israeli people understand now what I always say: that there cannot be a situation, under any agreement, in which we relinquish security control of the territory west of the River Jordan” — a reference to the Jordan Valley as well — as Kerry had urged during a US-led peace effort that collapsed in April.

Citing by name both Kerry and the US security adviser Gen. John Allen, who was charged by the secretary of state to draw up security proposals that the US argued could enable Israel to withdraw from most of Judea and Samaria, including the Jordan Valley, Netanyahu said passionately, “I told John Kerry and General Allen, the Americans’ expert: We live here, I live here, I know what we need to ensure the security of Israel’s people.””