I watched with considerable interest the “video” of two Arab teenagers allegedly shot with live fire by the IDF near the location of the recent Ofer Prison riot.

Nadem Syam Nawara, 17, and Mohammad Mahmoud Odeh, 16, were allegedly just walking when they were shot and killed by IDF soldiers trying to quell a riot on Nakba Day.

The video provided by the closed circuit camera, now making the rounds on the Internet, more than proves this is another faked atrocity incident like that of Mohamed al-Durah.

The fact it occurs the same time as the Rachel Corrie appeal trial is no coincidence; the Arab world excels in manipulative propaganda, a talent that has netted them billions of dollars for their terror leaders and that constantly pressures to delegitimize Israel.

What is most irritating is how the media, including the Israel msm, runs this as a legitimate story, when the event is clearly faked.

If a viewer watches the “shootings,” he will see that when Nadem Nawara is allegedly hit, he is crossing an open area. He supposedly is shot in the chest, but falls forward putting his arms out to break his fall, then comfortably rolls over on his back - which is cushioned by his backpack. 

A crowd gathers around him immediately, making many dramatic hand gestures for the cameramen who emerge at the scene.

There is no blood. Not a drop.

The second “shooting”, occurs in the same area, practically the exact same spot, as another youth is allegedly shot from behind. There is no blood on the ground  anywhere in the entire area where the first youth was allegedly shot. Victim number two is an even worse actor than victim number one. As he is supposedly hit, he kneels down so as not to fall too hard and does a Hollywood-esque lay down.

Again, there’s no blood, and the swarm surrounds him so nobody can see.

There may be some bodies of two teens who were killed elsewhere that the PA will show with the names of the victims. But Nadem Nawara and Mohammed Odeh were not killed in those videos—nobody was.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government and IDF are going to launch an “investigation.” The video shows that this is all faked and it is done so poorly the IDF can forget the investigation and say so categorically.

As for Defence of Children International (DCI), this NGO has been part of an ongoing campaign to try and convince the world that Israel is murdering innocent Arab children daily, especially in Gaza.  It is clear this is a biased NGO running a smear machine to try and perpetuate another Mohammed al-Durah scandal as was done in Gaza.

The Israeli government can swallow the tale hook line and sinker—again—or do something about it. DCI is behind the Boycott movement of Israel, supports ISM activities and consistently does actions not related to children to attack the Jewish state. Read more about them here.

DCI may have headquarters in Switzerland, but their local Palestinian office is staffed with irredentist Arabs who have no compunction about lying to attack and destroy Israel. They are a guest in Israel and as such should be deported for lying and engaging in fraud against the IDF.

DCI may have offices in Ramallah, but they should be closed down for perpetuating this fraud. The so-called event took place inside Israel, so the man interviewed in the video should be arrested for lying to the police.

This needs to be done right away, not in six months after the lie has gone viral across the Internet and in the world press.

What’s so galling is that the video is so clearly faked there can be no question this is another Arab Big Lie. There is no reason for the government in power to enable this. DCI’s offices should be closed down specifically for broadcasting a forged incident, its administrators deported and  the “witness” given a jail sentence.

The Web already has multiple entries talking about how two Arab teenagers were gunned down by the "big bad" IDF. The same videos running on You Tube can be easily refuted with voiceovers and the IDF Spokesperson’s Office needs to do this.

We don’t need Mohammed al-Durah all over again.