Israel, the Cornerstone of the Western World
Israel, the Cornerstone of the Western World

Is Israel the cause of instability in the Middle East? Is Israel not worth the $3 billion that the US gives it every year? Or, is Israel the cause of stability in the Middle East, and the West’s first, and last, line of defense against an Iranian/Islamic tidal wave which would smash into Southern Europe?  

Watch my maps, and, then decide.

Look at any simple country/population map of the Middle East.  In the upper-left-hand corner is my personal dividing line between the West/Greek versus the East/Islamic: The Blue-Seam-Line

Greece is just to the left of, or west of, the Blue-Seam-Line.  Greece has a total of 11 Million Christians. East of, or right of, the Blue Seam-Line there are 370 million Muslims.  This excludes the 660 million Muslims in the countries of Pakistan-180m, Nigeria-75m, Indonesia-205m, India-180m.

Israel- is the only non-Muslim Western Bulwark country in between, 11m Christian Greeks in Greece, to the west and 370m Muslims who control 65% of the world’s oil reserves.  That does not include Cyprus, with 1 Million Christians, an enclave without an army or navy to speak of. And, to boot, Cyprus isn’t a NATO country.  (As if being a NATO country means anything anymore.)

People who claim “Israel is the cause of Middle East instability” don’t just claim that Israel is the “core of instability since 1967;” they say “Israel has been

Would you rather have 7 million resourceful Israelis deal with the 1.6m Palestinian Arabs in the ‘West Bank’ as best as the Israelis reasonably see fit?
the cause of instability since 1948.”  Which is just “polite,” Jew-hating, Israel-hating code for No-Israel-at-all! 

Now, we are not talking about an Israel with, or without Judea and Samaria, more commonly known as ‘The West Bank.’  No, understand this, they are talking about No-Israel-at-all!! 

Let's examine what would happen if the Israel-haters’ dream came true, in theory. Let’s, in theory, excise Israel from the Eastern-Med strategic balance. (That is, if you call 11m Greeks vs. 370m Muslims “balance”...  For starters, this means the 1m people of Cyprus don’t have the Israeli Army and Israeli Air Force to protect them, and to share the tens of billions of natural gas in the Levant Basin that lies between Israel and Cyprus.

All the big EU banks have taken these very same Cypriot Natural Gas fields as collateral security, for the massive loans the EU banks extended to Cyprus when Cyprus had to get a National-Bank Bailout.  All of these Big EU Bank Cyprus-loans will go up in flames the second, Israel is harmed. (G-d forbid) 

Cyprus is not a NATO-protected country.  So, Turkey, with 74m to the north already occupies Cyprus’ north and, Egypt with its 83m to the south needs the gas for itself.  Turkey and Egypt together have standing armies, larger than the entire population of Cyprus.  In short, Turkey and Egypt would crush Cyprus.

Next on the Muslim/Iranian hit-parade-list is Greece. Iran has a score to settle with Greece dating back to 331 BCE, when Alexander the Great defeated the Persians at the Battle of Gaugamela.  But, Greece is a NATO country.  So, in reality, Israel is really protecting NATO’s southern flank.  

Without Israel, NATO and the EU are “indefensible.” 

And Congress would have to budget an extra  $70-100 billion dollars each year in the out-years 2-10 in the US Defense budget to fund a US defense of the core-NATO country called Greece against a 370m strong nuclear-armed Iran/Muslim attack. 

So, the entire question really boils down to a simple choice:

Would you rather have 7 million resourceful Israelis deal with the 1.6m Palestinian Arabs in the ‘West Bank’ as best as the Israelis reasonably see fit? 

Or, would you rather have 370m Muslims/Iranians deal with the 11 million Greeks as the 370m Muslims/Iranians will see fit?  And, have US troops die trying to defend Greece against a nuclear-armed Iranian/Muslim attack. 

How about Russia?, with only about 142m Christians?  Without Israel, immediately to Russia’s south, Russia would face a 370M strong Iranian/Muslim nuclear-superpower, with 65% of the world’s oil and gas reserves, an area that Russia had first armed with nuclear weapons. In fact, in 2015, Russia had armed Iran with the exact nuclear weapons that Russia would be facing from its entire south-east.

So, the cold, hard reality is that Israel is protecting all of NATO, Western Europe, America, and Russia from an Iranian/Muslim nuclear-armed Colossus that will overrun them all before The Morning’s Call to Prayer.

Therefore, Israel is NATO’s, the US’, the EU’s, and Russia’s first, and last, line-of-defense against an Iranian/Muslim 370m man-strong nuclear-armed Oil-rich Colossus.

In conclusion, a safe and secure Israel is not the cause of world instability, and conflict, but the cornerstone of world peace, and security. And it is a light of democracy and of freedom unto the nations of the world..