PBS, Kerry and Troublesome Jews
PBS, Kerry and Troublesome Jews

Be mindful that “Jews who make trouble,” like Moses and Herzl, are an inconvenience to Zionists stricken by PC, political correctness.

Take this as another rule; that if PBS or CNN or the BBC and the rest of them offer you yet another History of the Jews, expect this – the worst.

Reluctantly, I sat through parts 2 and 3 of Simon Schama’s “The Story of the Jews” so you wouldn’t have to. This was a PBS extravaganza.

Schama is a well-known British/Jewish historian. He is also, in his own words, a “Zionist.” Not in my book. His Zionism is limited to Jews who behave.

More on “Jews who make trouble” came only yesterday from John Kerry who alleged before Congress that Israel was to blame for the breakdown in peace talks and that the conflict was “first and foremost among all the world’s leaders.” Really? How about nuclear-armed Russia on the move again, and 150,000-plus murdered in Syria --Arab against Arab?

Your obsession with Israel, Mr. Secretary…this is known as hysterical blindness.

Getting back to Simon Schama and other Zionists by half a loaf…

Rather than fund and support Israel, goes the Liberal Mind, let’s build another Holocaust memorial.
I had missed Part 1 of his PBS series. So Part 2 was about Jews in Europe. They prosper. They contribute mightily. Then it all falls apart. The expulsions. The forced conversions. The pogroms. The Holocaust. Much of Part 2 is given to the Pale of Settlement to which the Jews were forcibly confined.

Finally, here we are in the United States, a truly glorious period, and the professor is wonderful here, peppering his illustrations with utmost clarity and erudition.

But all that, Europe to America, is a story mostly about Jews who DO NOT make trouble. One reason is that most are dead.

What about Israel? How about the living? Schama saved that for Part 3, and I knew it would not end well.

What is it about these people – these professors – who go wimpy when it comes to Israel?

Darn these Israelis. They simply refuse to give it up. They insist on defending themselves. They choose life!

Rather than fund and support Israel, goes the Liberal Mind, let’s build another Holocaust memorial.

For that reason, obviously, Schama makes no mention of Herzl. Nope. No Theodor Herzl. Herzl was a troublemaker.

Was Moses mentioned in Part 1? I’ll bet zero or close to zero. Moses was a real troublemaker. Just ask Pharaoh. (Or Kerry.)

Here is when I really went bananas. Schama talks about The Wall, says before The Wall Palestinian Arab terrorists murdered some 500 Israelis. (Five hundred!) Since The Wall, mostly quiet. So, he avers, no one outside Israel may judge the separation barrier. Then what does Schama do? He judges.

He says the barrier is “not a Judaism of life.” He wants it down.

What is it, then, Professor Schama? You prefer 500 dead Israelis with more to come because the Wall is not pretty? What is wrong with you! Are you nuts!

It got worse when Schama pounced on a “settler,” immediately adorning him with every stereotype in the book – and went on to say, Schama did, that he is vehemently against the settlements. The “settler” had said that a Jew may live anywhere in the world, why not anywhere in Israel?

Not good enough for this half-Zionist, who obviously believes that Jews, only the Jews, certainly not the Arabs, must be roped behind certain lines.

As they were in the Pale of Settlement…where they made no trouble.

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