Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery
Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery

Soeren Kern has just published an article about child sex slavery in the UK. He focuses on a new report about the large-scale “grooming” of non-Muslim girls (11-16) by

Rather than taking steps to protect British children, police, social workers, teachers, politicians, neighbors, downplayed the severity of the order to avoid being accused of “Islamophobia”...
gangs of Muslim men into sex slavery. These men do not prey upon Muslim girls. The government, police force, and media have been “multi-culturally correct” and very reluctant to expose this phenomenon or to charge these men. 

I am sure that many feminists would say that men all over the world buy and sell women, kidnap or trick them into prostitution. And they are right. But they are wrong to refuse to focus on Pedophilia and Sex Slavery wherever and whenever this monster rears its ugly head.

The report is meticulous. It documents that “officials in England and Wales were aware of rampant child grooming—the process by which sexual predators befriend and build trust with children in order to prepare them for abuse—by Muslim gangs since at least 1988”.

Rather than taking steps to protect British children, however, police, social workers, teachers, politicians, neighbors, deliberately downplayed the severity of the crimes perpetrated by the grooming gangs in order to avoid being accused of “Islamophobia” or racism.

How can we prevent such crimes and prosecute such criminals in the West if we are busy falling all over ourselves trying not to appear “racist?” Can’t we expose and prosecute everyone, women as well as men, Muslims and anyone else, who ensnare children into lives of sex slavery? If gangs of African Christians did this in the UK or if white European men did so, I would expose them and move to stop them just as quickly.

Islamic doctrine, Islamic history, and individual Muslim interpretations of the Koran support the sexual use of non-Muslim girls and women as “easy meat.” It also supports a tax on infidels (jizya) which some may say is now being exacted in the West in the form of state welfare, housing, education, health care, etc.

Read the report, read Kern’s summary of the report—then think about the times you live in. Let me know what you think.

And that is not all. 

When I talk about honor killings, many western feminists assume I am criticizing Islam and that to do so is a thought crime more odious than horror killing a daughter or a wife. The fact that Hindus in India and Sikhs also perpetrate honor killings, that this is not a Muslim-only crime, has not yet registered.

However, these are the kind of feminists who historically have been pro-pornography, pro-prostitution, pro-surrogacy, and pro-father’s rights in terms of child custody. They define themselves as feminists but these are their positions. They do not want the state to control sexually explicit material, they believe that a woman’s body belongs to her alone and therefore she should be legally allowed to sell her body or rent her womb, given that infertility is an increasing problem, etc.

When one tries to talk about normalized Muslim-style daughter and wife beating and stalking, western feminists quickly point out that male domestic violence is a global phenomenon and not confined to one ethnicity or religion. Here again, they are wrong. While male domestic violence IS a global tragedy, the Islamic version of it is different and worse.

Most western fathers do not spy on their daughters, have their sons stalk them, or beat them into submission daily. Many—not all--Muslim fathers do just this.