The UNRWA Curriculum Content that does not exist
The UNRWA Curriculum Content that does not exist

The focus of the UNRWA human rights curriculum is how to protect Palestinians from seemingly intrusive Israelis.

At a time when the US Congress, the UK Parliament and the Israeli Knesset are examining reports of incitement that emanate from UNRWA, some reporters and pundits have given wide publicity to Hamas’s condemnation of a supposed UNRWA human rights curriculum which reportedly promotes civil rights leaders as role models  for young Palestinian Arabs to emulate.

Our agency acquired and studied  the texts of this  new UNRWA human rights curriculum.

UNRWA had not shared these texts with the US, Canadian and Israeli governments.

UNRWA did share its human rights curriculum with Norway.

It was a Norwegian news agency that commissioned our agency to translate and evaluate the UNRWA human rights curriculum.

The gist of what our staff discerned was that the new UNRWA human rights curriculum did not recognize human rights nor any juridical status for anyone other than Moslem Palestinian Arabs - not for Israelis, Westerners, Jews, or Christians.

This  UNRWA human rights curriculum makes no mention of civil rights leaders as role models for Arabs to emulate. Anyone who would ask to see the actual UNRWA human rights curriculum would not allow UNRWA to fabricate its content

The focus of the UNRWA human rights curriculum is how to protect Palestinians from seemingly intrusive Israelis.


DAGEN Newspaper in Norway Has Commissioned an Evaluation of New “Human Rights Curriculum” Published by UNRWA

American Friends of UNRWA, a lobbying group in DC, did organize a tour for visiting UNRWA students to see the birth place and grave of Dr. Martin Luther King – a tour which features on the American Friends of UNRWA web site but not on the UNRWA web site.

Ever since the Hamas terrorist organization took over the UNRWA workers and teachers unions in Gaza more than ten years ago, UNRWA has faced the possibility that its two greatest funders- the US and the EU- might cut off funds to UNRWA because the US and the EU  forbid aid to any entity taken over by Hamas, legally defined by the US and the EU as a terrorist organization.

Therefore, UNRWA has tried to nurture an image, as if they are worlds apart from Hamas. Here's how it works:

Hamas attacks UNRWA through the media.

UNRWA spokespeople earn deniability when they are attacked by Hamas.

UNRWA profited from that method that it successfully engineered four years ago.

At the time, UNRWA spokespeople spread a false rumor that UNRWA had initiated curriculum to teach the Holocaust, but that Hamas had stopped them from doing so.

We asked the UNRWA administrative office in New York, whether there was indeed a plan to teach the Holocaust in UNRWA schools.

We received an immediate, clear, and definitive response from UNRWA administrative offices that there had never even been any plan to teach UNRWA in Hamas schools.

Please see:

“There is not and has never been a plan for a Holocaust curriculum in any UNRWA school”

However, UNRWA accomplished its mission.

Jewish groups and diplomats the world over received notice that UNRWA was going to teach the Holocaust and that Hamas had prevented it from happening.

A case in point: When I screened videos of UNRWA school classroom incitement at a Chicago synagogue three years ago, I learned that UNRWA spokespeople had raised funds from Jewish concentration camp survivors only the week before, in that very same neighborhood.

A lecturer from UNRWA had made a  passionate speech that UNRWA would  teach Arab refugees about the Holocaust that had befallen the Jews during World War II.

No one had bothered to check that UNRWA never planned any curriculum like this.

But  UNRWA got itself condemned by Hamas, as if a Holocaust curriculum had been planned.

 UNRWA gave the impression of “distance from Hamas, and successfully warded off funding cutbacks.

And that is what UNRWA is trying to pull off now.