Letter to American Jewish Leadership
Letter to American Jewish Leadership

To: Mssrs:

 Alan Solow, Former Chairman, Conference of Presidents

      Abraham Foxman, National Director of the ADL
      Howard Kohr, Executive Director of AIPAC
      David Harris, Exec. Dir. of the Amer Jewish Committee
      Malcolm Hoenlein, Exec. Vice Chairman, Conf of Presidents
      Jason Isaacson, Dir. of Gov't & Int'l Affairs, AJC
      Robert Sugarman, Chairman, Conference of Presidents
At your White House meeting last week with Obama Administration officials, was it explained to you HOW  President Obama plans to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear capability; especially, at this extremely late hour? And, further, was it explained to you that Obama would take that action as long as Israel agreed to make suicidal
concessions to the Arab-"Palestinians" during the current round of peace negotiations?
Gentlemen, I recently purchased an original March 7, 1941  issue of The Answer - Devoted to the WAR PROBLEMS of the JEWISH NATION.  This three-page newspaper was published weekly by The AMERICAN FRIENDS of a JEWISH PALESTINE, 185 Madison Ave. NYC.
On the bottom of Page 2 and top of Page 3 in this publication, under the heading, What Jews Don't Want to Understand, it reads:
The greatest adherents of President Roosevelt and his policy of aiding England are, with the exception of a ridiculously negligable number of Communists, the Jews, because they see the dangers facing America, democracy and civil liberties. Yet these same Jews, who see so clearly what a Hitler victory portends for America, do not see nor understand that the danger will strike them first, primarily not as Americans but as Jews. The American Petain or Laval would, without any pangs of conscience, agree to sacrifice upon the altar of appeasement for Hitler's graciousness, the Jews of America--in spite of their numbering about five million, or perhaps because they number that much.

American Jewry fails to realize that if the worst should happen--Hitler's victory--then its position in this country will be no different than European Jewry's, and at best be similar to Jewish life in what was once one of the most democratic countries in the world--France.

Further down on Page 3, it continues:
Jews refuse to comprehend that should Hitler win, then the worst will happen here; and hence do not draw the logical consequences, and go on a war-basis in order to fight most effectively and in a national expansion of helping to annihilate Hitler.
It is now 72 years later, and once again the self-appointed American Jewish leadership refuses to draw the logical consequences about a second threat of genocide, and about those agreeing to sacrifice our People upon the altar of appeasement. President Obama is using your misplaced loyalty and his own polished political skills to have you begging to only get back to where we were several years ago - to the imposition of sanctions on a soon-to-be nuclear power - instead of demanding that the United States, as the preserver of freedom and liberty in this world, destroy Iran's nuclear infrastructure immediately! Anything short of making that demand, and you will all be held responsible for the logical consequences this time around.
Most sincerely,
Buddy Macy