Google's Anti-Semitic Abuse - Don't Just Stand There
Google's Anti-Semitic Abuse - Don't Just Stand There

Google is a brilliant, amazing, all-encompassing entity that has built what many would argue is the world's strongest and most popular search engine. It is also incredibly easy to manipulate.

Google has created complicated algorithms that learn...yes, learn...based on the information it is fed...and we can manipulate it too. So, please help.

A friend sent something to Facebook...I wish I could say I didn't believe it, but I did. I checked it out to confirm it would happen...and it did. As you probably know, when you start to search for something, Google will, as it always does, offer you suggestions.

There's a really good chance in today's world, that if you search for want information on Barack Obama and so as soon as you type Barack...

Google will immediately give you several suggestions, based on what others commonly search for.

And, if you search for "Jews should"... the results are quite depressing.

And so - I'm asking you to take 3 minutes of your life to help Google learn something else...I'll offer three suggestions - two I thought of, one came from a dear friend named Rahel.

Please search for each of these three things...let's take Google from the darkness of hatred to the light of our world. Please go to and search for these phrases - I'm hoping you will also suggest some positive phrases below so assuming others have as well, please also search for whatever comments are below as well.

Let's not surrender to hatred.

Please search for:

  Jews should be respected

  Jews should rule Jerusalem forever

  Jews should be blessed