Nuclear Brinkmanship Might Trigger Sanctions Collapse
Nuclear Brinkmanship Might Trigger Sanctions Collapse

At the time when the Islamic republic is on the verge of collapse due to crippling sanctions, Barack Obama's lopsided display of "weakness", again is a mind-boggling puzzle.

Even before the Geneva talks have been completed , the White House's easing the sanctions bite with a tapered release of billions of dollars in frozen funds in an attempt to curb Iran's nuclear program is simply preposterous.

Apparently, a potential seismic shift in U.S. declared policy on Iran significantly changes the geo-political landscape in the Middle East and beyond from better to worse.

Against this background, the U.S is threading a fine line between reality and illusion. In particular, America's strategic retreat in the Middle East represents a tactical victory for Iran and a premeditated setback to global non-proliferation efforts.

Under prevailing circumstances, nuclear brinkmanship might trigger an unexpected collapse of the sanctions regime, to the detriment of Israel and America's allies.

Indeed, Israel's security concerns are  well founded.

Let us make this clear: The failure of diplomacy is not just a shocking coincidence. In fact, it is congruent with Iran's modus operandi of nuclear deceit.

For Israel and the Arab world, it means heightened tensions, deadly crises and more instability as Iranian hegemony finally  sets in.

The negotiations behind-the-scenes are showing signs that Iran's "fraudulent" charm offensive is really working. Unfortunately, the U.S.-Iran secret  nuclear deal to recognize Iran as a "threshold-power", as long as it does not manufacture atomic weapons is inherently a flawed logic.

In light of Iranian threats to annihilate the Jewish state, the implicit recognition made earlier by Obama's so-called "historic"  chat with the Iranian president that Iran has the "right to peaceful nuclear energy" doesn't make sense.

Iran's emergence as a nuclear power is a nightmare for Israel and the world at large, since an emboldened Iran threatens countries across the Persian Gulf, Arabian Peninsula and the Levant in the Eastern Mediterranean.

To make matters worse, Obama's depiction of Iran as a country living with sanctions "in ways that made a lot of people feel they were pursuing a nuclear weapon" was a pastels-and-wispy-brushstrokes rendering of reality.

Fed up with U.S. waffling, France may be ready to take a harder line on Iran as French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius drew a darker, edgier picture:

"As we speak, Iran keeps the centrifuges turning that are needed to make enriched uranium for nuclear bombs. But Iran is also pursuing a second, separate track toward atomic weapons with the construction, at Arak, of a heavy-water reactor producing plutonium". And "if it is completed, you won't be able to destroy it because if you bomb plutonium, it will leak."

Expressing a kind of French contempt for the Obama administration's evasive vocabulary about the Iran endgame, at that point, he said, for "the Americans, the Israelis and others, there would no longer be adequate sanctions to stop Tehran."

"Where's the credibility of our assurances Iran will not get nuclear arms?"

Unlike Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama's extreme narcissism, Marxism and Islamist sympathies played a pivotal role in his "hesitancy" and "confusion" to act in real crisis.

The cruel truth remains undeniable: Obama recognized Iran's right to nuclear energy and rebuffed Israel's unilateral strike against Iran's nuclear program in his secret deal with the Ayatollahs. Israel now knows that Obama will not confront the Iranian mullahs and Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Furthermore, "Obama's plan to destroy America" as claimed by former CIA whistle blowers is quite disturbing.

Intelligence agencies all over the world hint that Obama is a foreign plant who was placed on the path to the presidency by Saudis  Like anyone else, they would do it for their self-interest - a Palestinian state and the advancement of Islam in America.

CIA whistleblower Dr. Jim Garrow, a longtime CIA operative in China informs about the origins of Obama and his Communist upbringing.

Garrow revealed the Obama administration includes Marxist Muslims and Iranian-born Senior Adviser to the President, Valerie Jarrett, to whom Obama relies to make foreign policy decisions.

An Iranian-born former CIA spy under the pseudonym Reza Kahlili who worked for Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards claims that "Jarrett has even been conducting secret negotiations with Iran with the intent of betraying the U.S. to the Iranians should hostilities break out with Israel."

Over 30 high-ranking Admirals and Generals have been removed from duty in the past year, including two 3-star generals in charge of nuclear weapons in just the past few days .

If history is any guide, Iran's nuclear deception is eerily similar to North Korea: When western powers applauded the U.S. diplomatic coup of obtaining North Korea’s promise to suspend its nuclear program in exchange to avoid sanctions, not a single centrifuge and neither one nuclear reactor was dismantled. Within 18 months after the agreement was signed, North Korea exploded its first atomic bomb.

It is becoming clear that ultimately Israel has to defend herself and depend upon no one.

To top it all, Obama could go down in history as one whose legacy is the fulfillment of Iran's dream as a global Islamic nuclear power.

In the latest Peace Index survey,  two-thirds of Jewish Israelis do not trust Obama to keep his promise to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons at any cost. So it comes as no surprise, then, that an overwhelming majority (77%) of the Jewish public concurs with the stance of Netanyahu, who has warned repeatedly that Iran constitutes a danger to the Free World.

The Israeli prime minister is absolutely right when he asked the Iranian regime, "If you only want peaceful nuclear energy, why do you insist on centrifuges to enrich uranium and on plutonium reactors?"

Netanyahu demanded the full dismantling of Iran's military nuclear program,  rather than a partial deal that could end up dissolving the sanctions regime while  Iran continues with nuclear weapons capabilities.

Many things could go wrong and a lot can happen between now and then, but the bottom line, however, is as long as the Obama administration ignores Israel and creates a strategic crisis for the sake of his own obsession with a nuclear breakthrough with Iran, war is inevitable.

Let us stop deluding ourselves and understand that in the absence of true diplomacy, war, however ugly is not a matter of choice but a necessity.