The People Who Gave the World Terrorist Tunnel-Building
The People Who Gave the World Terrorist Tunnel-Building

1.October 9th, 2013: Three Jewish professors Arie Warshel, Michael Levitt and Martin Karplus — two of them Israeli — share 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry

2. "Although we owe much to Islam handing on to the West many of the treasures of Greek thought, the beginnings of calculus, Aristotelian thought during the period known in the West as the dark ages, it is sad to relate that no great invention has come for many hundred years from Muslim countries," Lord Carey ( Former Archbishop of Canterbury )

In today’s world, Lord Carey would be roundly and soundly criticized. He would be branded a racist, at the very least.

But  is this really racism? Are the sentences above and the following article to be considered illusionary and stemming strictly from unwarranted Islamophobia? Will I be ostracized, shunned, hated and detested by every pro-Islam, anti-Semitic liberal-radical out there? Am I to fear that a fatwa will be issued by some fanatic Imam seeking my head in the same fashion that Rushdie was condemned and threatened? Will I be called a liar and a racist?

It boggled my mind that Lord Carney asserted and emphatically stated, how Muslims are totally bereft of any beneficial endeavors since ancient times. It seemed incomprehensible that such a huge population has contributed absolutely nothing to the betterment of society in recent centuries.

So, in step with Islam’s assertions (and others, such as President Obama's) that Islam’s influence on the world is unshakeable and undeniable, I set out to research a compressed time-frame of the past one-hundred-years, the last century only. I determined to follow through with an in-depth historical search in order to unveil the evidence touted by President Obama, British Prime Minister Cameron and others.  What has been Islam’s irrefutable influence on the world? I wondered.

Not wasting time, I delved into Google and one-by-one, alphabetically, searched every one of the fifty-two listed Arab or non-Arab Muslim countries in the world. From Afghanistan to Bosnia down to Egypt, Indonesia, Kuwait, Lebanon and Syria, I diligently searched. On to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Yemen et al.  I searched through every possible site on Yahoo, read every page on the subject on Wikipedia and other diverse search engines.

I invested time and energy looking for the incredible impact the Islamic world had on the world in the last century. I looked under myriad categories; inventions, discoveries, patents or improvements. I searched under captions such as Chemistry, Physics, Optics, Medicine, Economics, Biotechnology, Theoretical Computer Science - and found nothing.

Education, Defense, Computer Hardware & Software, Agriculture, Energy, Games and Foods were all carefully scrutinized for that particular invention or amazing discovery which the Muslim world was kind enough to bestow upon the world for the benefit of humanity. I skipped meals and lost sleep. Yet, not one iota related to the Arab or Muslim world was found. Nothing.

Though impossible to comprehend, it was astonishing to conclude that the last one-hundred-years are totally devoid of anything remotely redeeming, an absolutely empty, vacant history of the above. One-hundred-years of nothing.

I continued.

Though I refused to give up, the phenomenon repeated itself. Everywhere I searched, I was always directed back to the dark ages where, as Lord Carey indicated, the last “contributions” made by the Islamic world are clearly mentioned. In every instance, the medieval period came back to the fore and listed a number of Arab thinkers, philosophers, travelers and mathematicians. On one site, in big words and flowery language, it is mentioned that Arab mathematicians contributed the numeral 0 (zero) to the list of numbers. That, has been proven to be wrong. While some historians claim that the ancient Babylonians came up with the concept around 1700 BC , others attribute the ‘zero’ to Bháskara, a Hindu mathematician. But it is definitely not associated with the Arabs.

Archeologists excavate as deep as they can to reveal the past. I resolved to do the same. And one’s relentless resolve to seek the truth will eventually result in success. One can’t surrender to the frustration because the answer may be found just below the last spade the archeologist thrusts into the hardened, ancient ruins.

At last! I found that in one aspect, Lord Carey is totally wrong. I found that the Islamic world did contribute after all. In fact, their contribution is unique to their religion and culture and can never be emulated or copied. The long history of those same one-hundred-years is filled to the brim with an enormous amount of those accomplishments.

In what sphere? Who, but the Islamic world is undeniably responsible for the tremendous finesse of hate, the exquisite relationship between bigotry and racism? The Islamic world is second to none in exporting terror, mayhem, anarchy and disorder to every corner of the earth.

The Islamic world invented the world-infamous suicide belt. Every successful act of bloody terror, brings out the best in these killers as they move forward to a more  improved suicide-belt designed to kill and injure many more than the previous one. The Islamic world perfected the art of underground, concrete-walled tunnel building, a skill indigenous to Gaza, designed so as to enable the use of suicide belts to their best advantage.

The leftist-liberal-fascist-radical is going to scream and yell at this point. He’ll demand an apology for the ‘insult’; he’ll demand a retraction, a correction and a re-writing of the empty history. But shouting and foot-stamping and issuing a fatwa calling for the murder of this writer will never change the facts. No matter how it’s twisted, the historical truth written here can never be changed.

Mindboggling! Close to a billion people who occupy space in this universe, using its resources in every possible way; a population that has benefited from the world’s accomplishments, yet contributed nothing for the betterment of humankind.

They buy the products, use the services and take advantage of the accomplishments of others. They benefit from every breakthrough, every invention, creation, discovery, production, improvement, modernization, perfection and innovation by others. They enjoy the cures for illness discovered in America, the communication technology developed by Israel, the agricultural advances coming out of Australia and the latest luxurious innovations coming from France and England. They have no problem in using what was and is made available through the tremendous efforts of others.

And what do they do in return? They export the brutal technology of death. Hijacking, beheading, murder, suicide bombing, road-side ambushes, lynching, inciting, rioting and other atrocities have been refined in the Islamic world to the point of wonder. They have invented every possible method of terrorizing the same world that has given them the use of every discovery and improvement. They enjoy a host country’s freedoms and reciprocate by calling for the destruction of that country and the annihilation of its native population. A thankless, use-and-abuse mentality pervades their society in keeping with the concept that ‘they owe us.’

Muslims don't see it that way. They believe that Allah sent down 125,000 prophets to guide humanity. In other words, these ‘prophets’ were instructed to share with the world all of the knowledge we have today. Therefore, it’s logical to conclude that all of the inventions and achievements that we see in today’s world are actually the result of the immense knowledge provided by these prophets. Therefore, the true credit for all of the  achievements, discoveries, improvements, etc., belongs to Islam. Makes perfect sense.

Last but not least, another achievement/development to be attributed solely to the Muslim world. Namely, how can one even attempt to explain the lack of maternal instinct in the Muslim mother of a suicide bomber when her child blows himself into bloody pieces? It is a phenomenon unheard of anywhere in the world.  Lions, dogs, cats, rats, mice and roaches care for their young-ones and protect them fiercely. Every infant in the animal world is loved, sheltered and defended by its mother. Yet, in the Muslim world, maternal instincts have been replaced by the cold and public ugliness of joyfully celebrating a child’s death.

This, I must say, can never be attributed to any phenomenon in the world other than Islam. A major Islamic accomplishment and contribution indeed.