A Bereaved Father Writes to US Sec.of State John Kerry
A Bereaved Father Writes to US Sec.of State John Kerry

Sent to Arutz Sheva on July 6, 2013

Mr. John Forbes Kerry                          

Secretary of State

The State Department

Washington DC


Ten years and four months ago, I lost my daughter Tal Kehrmann in a terrorist attack in Haifa, Israel.

I appreciate your efforts and personal commitment to work for a better future in the Middle East, and I hope that you will be able to develop a formula for peace in the region—something that no one has been able to achieve over the past 65 years.

A long and lasting peace can be achieved when both sides truly want one and when their leaders are empowered to conclude peace based on moral principles.

In the past Israel has made many concessions. Thousands of terrorists were freed under the false assumption that releasing convicted murderers will help bring peace. Yet we were wrong time and again. Whenever terrorists were released a new wave of terrorism struck the region and innocent citizens were murdered.

Freeing murderers is immoral! It does not make for a better society. It is simply wrong. Convicted murderers should end their life behind bars, in the same way that murderers in the U.S. end their lives in prison.

Mr. Kerry, as the representative of the American Nation around the globe I would expect you not to encourage such an immoral act against social justice which involves the freeing of terrorists. History has taught us this lesson well.

I hope that my personal letter will provide you with a different point of view.

I am a father who lost his dear seventeen year old daughter in a terrorist attack because Israeli politicians came under pressure to free killers of innocent people. As a father of two kids who live in Israel and yearn for peace, I would like to ensure that my children will be alive when peace eventually comes.


Ron Kehrmann, Tal Kehrmann’s Father.