What's Good for the Goose...
What's Good for the Goose...

Latest news item:

“International media admitted that Israel successfully and peacefully defeated the attempts to force a clash with Israeli soldiers and police. Airlines accepted Israel’s “black list” of unwanted activists and refused to allow them on board.”

The fly-in debacle followed close to the success Israel had in stymieing the flotilla as Greece refused to allow any of the ships to leave its ports and arrested the Captain of one boat that managed to leave without permission.

I heard the following through the grapevine. It’s not an ‘open secret’ but anonymous sources verify the truth of the rumor. In fact, the seeds have been planted, one by one the main players are mapping their strategy and the enthusiasm is slowly rising.

The marvelous idea below sprang to life a mere few minutes following the debacle of both the ‘flotilla and flytilla’ protests. As the activists were being stopped at the terminals, taken off the flights and barred from entering the boarding areas, the plan began to take shape. Instead of fretting over their inability to fly to Israel in order to demonstrate and riot, the activists looked at each other, high-fived and vowed to follow through with their new plan.

The electricity in the air signaled the start of the brand-new idea. Why didn’t anyone think of it before? After all, “what’s good for the goose, is also good for the gander,” chuckled one of the enthusiastic organizers.

The calls, e-mails, texting, Facebook messages and Twitter passages called on every able-bodied and sound-of-mind individual to sign up immediately for the new, guaranteed-to-succeed ‘fly-in’ protest. Though the details are yet to be perfected, the mere birth of the novel idea sent tremors of delight through the bodies of all involved.

To commemorate Israel’s Independence Day of May 2012, thousands of activists will board hundreds of airlines throughout Europe and fly into every Arab country from which the Jews were expelled since 1948. The mass fly-in will protest the expulsion of the Jews from Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Algeria and Jordan.

Huge demonstrations are scheduled to be held in Damascus, Syria, in Cairo, Egypt and in Algiers, Algeria where rioting descendants and activists will violently demand that the expelled Jews and their descendants (estimated today at 5 million people) be allowed to return to their villages, farms, homes and land. Massive protests will also be scheduled to demand that the expropriation of the Jews’ properties and wealth be reversed and they be repaid fully, in today’s estimated monetary value.

Approximately four-hundred reporters, cameramen and other media personnel have already signed up to record the protests as they develop and broadcast it to the world. CBS, FOX Network, BBC, Al Jazeera and others are scrambling to have their reporters credentials accepted and verified by the host Arab countries so that not one reporter will be barred from any country he / she wishes to cover.

As a twin action designed to coincide with the massive flytilla, the organizers have been granted permission by Greece to have a two-hundred-ship flotilla which will set-sail from a number of its ports towards the ports of the above-mentioned Arab states.  

The people in Chios Island are gearing up for the forthcoming festivities, as are the local governments of Corinth Canal, Corfu and the Crete Island port of Heraklion. The Greek Navy has promised that five of its frigates will provide escort while Turkish Prime-Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stated that his government will make available to Turkish activists joining the pro-Jewish flotilla, two out-of-service cruise ships.

”Be warned,” stated Mr. Erdogan, in a not-so-subtle warning, “Turky will not stand by quietly if any of its citizens were to get hurt by the anti-riot police of any of the Arab countries designated as ‘hosts’ of both the flotilla and flytilla.”


Stat tuned for further developments.