The Holocaust "Never Happened"
The Holocaust "Never Happened"

It is a matter of history and can not be denied. It was recorded for posterity and no matter how you twist it, the record says it all. When Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces during WWII, General Dwight Eisenhower found the victims of the death camps, he ordered that all possible photographs and films be taken of the horrors he found. He did this because “….somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened…”

That time in history began immediately after the war ended….the bastards are many.

Belgian Justice Minister, Stefaan De Clerck has voiced his support for an initiative to grant amnesty to all surviving Nazi collaborators. In line with his support, De Clerck commented about the Holocaust this week on state-run television channel RTFB and said the following: “At any given point, one should act in an adult way and be ready to discuss the issue and even to forget it because all this is past….”

And Mr. De Clerck is but the latest in a long string of Holocaust deniers and those who wish to erase the Holocaust from the collective memory. Denying and minimizing and eratcating the memory of the most heinous crime perpetrated against the Jews was once, not so long ago, considered a crime, today it has become the fashion, the vogue as politicians, actors, writers, preachers and heads of state brush aside the horrible past.

In European schools, colleges and universities, the schools’ study program no longer list the Holocaust as part of the curriculum and members of the United Nations sit in rapt attention as Mahumud Ahmadinijad, the Iranian Holocaust denier stands on the podium bellowing his call for another genocide. A chorous of enthusiastic applause rises from the stands as the Jew-hater concludes his harangue. Hitler has risen again and the world applauds.

The first notable “debunker” was the French fascist Maurice Bardèche, who argued that the gas chambers had been used only to disinfect clothing, and that the Allies had faked vast numbers of photographs, documents, and court records. He was followed by another Frenchman, former Resistance fighter Paul Rassinier, who actually had spent 19 months in two German camps, Buchenwald and Dora.

Pope Benedict XVI sparked a firestorm by lifting the excommunication of renegade British bishop Richard Williamson, who claims the Holocaust never occurred. And has no intention of recanting his denial.

In Moslem countries the denial of the Holocaust has become an obsession and an art of erasing the story of Nazi evil against the Jews. Plays, shows, books and publications spew the lie that the Holocaust was a myth, a story fabricated by the Jews in order to extract money and influence.

David Duke of the Klu Klux Klan and British writer David Irving. Last year in Germany, Horst Mahler, a founder of the radical Red Army Faction, was found guilty of incitement for posting documents online that ostensibly debunk the Holocaust; he was sentenced to 10 months in prison. Today he is out to freely continue the denial.

Israel’s ‘partner-for-peace’ the terrorist Abu Mazan-Abbas’ graduation thesis in 1982 dealt with the concept that the supposed magnitude of the Holocaust was a Zionist fabrication. His ‘research’ revealed that ‘only one-million Jews perished’ in WWII and his examination of records and documented cast strong doubts in his mind about the existence of the gas chambers. Pictures be damned, the film was concocted, the many survivors lied.

There is a famous saying which runs as follows: Say it, repeat it, burn it in. How prophetic was Eisenhower? He saw the bastards rise again.. And he forewarned that their sick mind and thinking will be the norm.

The list of deniers is very, very long and their adherents are far too many. And those who forgive, forget and hide the horror are bound to repeat it.

Never Again! The famous declaration heard around the world. Never again will Jews be herded like cattle, beaten and tortured, starved to death, hanged, shot, gassed and burned to ashes. Never again! Will a Holocaust be repeated.

Never again…you say? But it never happened. Did it?