Anti-Semitic Entertainers
Anti-Semitic Entertainers

The opinion makers and entertainers who speak from journals, books, televisions, satellites, university desks, have been instrumental in feeding the public opinion with lies and hatred against Israel and the Jews. They pass off the idea that it is just pure common sense delegitimizing the existence of Israel, imagining it as an “apartheid state” and describing it as a “s--y little country” bound to die (the words of a late French ambassador in London).

Cinema is the most attractive show business for the haters of Israel. The Danish director Lars von Trier just told an audience at the Cannes film festival that he thought Israel was “a pain in the ass” and he was himself “a Nazi”.

The Iranian Deputy Culture Minister for Cinematic Affairs, Javad Shamaqdari, sent a letter to the Cannes Festival to praise Von Trier’s words: “I understand much about him and I sympathize with him”, said Shamaqdari. This is the man who has the duty to “purify” Iranian movies from any Western contamination. It’s a Nazi style project that led Shamaqdari to support the French Holocaust denier, Dieudonné M’bala, who met President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Teheran.

Von Trier’s words are revealing of the cultural sickness and rape of the cinematographic industry. The French icon and Oscar awardee, Jean-Luc Godard, has often called Israel “a cancer on the map of the Middle East” and “a paradoxical form of Nazism”. Two famous British directors, Ken Loach and Mike Leigh, are among the staunchest supporters of the boycott of Israel.

In 2009, several prominent actors and filmmakers, among them Danny Glover and Jane Fonda, boycotted the Toronto International Film Festival to protest a week of screenings of Israeli films to mark the Tel Aviv centennial (another “settlement” for them).

The International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam has been a parade of violence on Israel. David Fisher, director of the New Foundation for Cinema and Television, says that “there is a consensus at the festival against the state of Israel and what it represents”.

Two years ago a film festival in Scotland returned funding to the Israeli Embassy after succumbing to pressure from anti-Israel activists who threatened to picket the event.

The sad paradox of this anti Israeli hysteria is that the only Israeli movies, such as “Lebanon”, that have received global awards, are all extremely anti-Zionist. The United Nations just screened Julian Schnabel’s latest film “Miral”, that virulently demonizes IDF soldiers. The Arab director, Mohammad Bakri, globally known for his fake movie “Jenin Jenin”, called the Israeli troops “dogs”.

In the Arab world films like “Schindler’s List” have been banned because they are “sympathetic to the Jewish cause”.

The twentieth century will be remembered for the “Jew Süss”, the anti-Semitic movie commissioned by Joseph Goebbels and that perverted the beautiful novel by Lion Feuchtwanger, the most beautiful hymn to the Jews of the Middle Ages that it is impossible to read without tears.

Our century is going to be dominated by haters travestied as boring, radical chic. “What will Comrade Bolshakov show us today?”, Stalin would ask. His terrified cinema minister, Ivan Bolshakov, had to gauge Stalin’s mood. Today the anti-Semitic entertainers are possessed by Ahmadinejad’s nightmare, which until yesterday was only a dream: The Zionist entity will disappear.

Ahmadinejad has repeated this many times: Israel is a country already dead and never existed because it lacks historical roots. The conceited chorus of the European “chattering classes” has passed from parlor anti-Semitism to having substantially called into question Israel’s very right to exist. It should be met with the launching of a counter-boycott of this judeophobic star system.