The 'Mad Dog' of the MIddle East
The 'Mad Dog' of the MIddle East

Ronald Reagan once called him “the mad dog of the Middle East”, a nice euphemism for a genocidaire with thousands of innocent dead on his conscience. Mohammar Qaddafi, who declares himself a descendant of the Prophet Mohammed, is now losing control of Libya. Aforty-year record of hate and death is the major heritage of the Colonel.

Qaddafi has ruled Libya with an absolute, almost god-like authority ever since his coup d’etat in 1969, when he and his group of supporters overthrew the monarchist regime of King Idress. Gaddafi’s manifesto, the so-called “Green Book”, which outlines his criticism of the modern world - namely, the world of democracy and capitalism - has, essentially, been his blueprint for running the country. 

According to Freedom House, Libya is one of the most repressive spots on earth, despite the money and technology generously donated by the West. A specific Qaddafi code of rules gave orders to the Libyans on how to dress, what to eat, how to speak and what to read. 

Human rights groups accused Qaddafi of torturing Muslims who converted to Christianity .

Qaddafi's “zahf”, a sort of Islamic Trozkism, has also resulted in decades of armed Jihad and Arabism. The Colonel proclaimed Tripoli "the mecca for guerrillas" and over the years he has supported terror movements all over the world, including the Irish IRA, the Spanish ETA and the Palestinians.  

For over four decades Qaddafi attempted to use Libya's oil wealth to undermine moderate governments in the Middle East and Africa, sought to obtain weapons of mass destruction, and developed a foreign policy that incorporated the use of terrorism to achieve his objectives. 

In 2003, during the Oslo War (Second Intifada), amid daily massacres of Israelis, Qaddafi paid terror groups more than £1.25 million to bankroll a new wave of suicide attacks. The money was intended for the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, the terrorist wing of Arafat's Fatah movement. 

He financed and propagated  terrorism against Jews anywhere in the world. At the United Nations, Qaddafi’s representatives propagated blood libels against the Jews, while the Libyan regime was among the promoters of the Durban antisemithic conferences.

Libya, once the center of a thriving Jewish community, is now a country without the presence of any citizen of the Jewish religion. A couple of years ago the Rome's Jewish community, some of whom were forced to leave Libya by Qaddafi, were furious over theLibyan leader 's apparent willingness to meet them only on Saturday, the Sabbath day sacred to Jews. 

Qaddafi was responsible for terrorist attacks across Europe in the 1980s, climaxing in the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am jumbo over Lockerbie that caused the deaths of 270 passengers and crew. The Colonel was also responsible for the terrorist attack in 1985 on a Berlin discotheque, where the victims included a twelve years old girl. It was this attack which led Reagan to order the bombing of Tripoli in the hope of killing Qaddafi himself. 

Qaddafi's agents waged an assassination campaign against Libyan dissidents in the United States and Europe. 

The Libyan leader had the effrontery to propose transferring the state of Israel to Alaska. “Like Samson, we will destroy the Temple with all its occupants”, Qaddafi proclaimed.

After the massacre of the Israeli athletes in the Munich Olympic Games, almost all of the Arab countries competed for the bodies of the Black September terrorists who were killed at the German airport. Qaddafi wanted the privilege of arranging the funerals so as to hail as “heroes” and “martyrs” the five assassins of the beautiful, Jewish athletes.

At the Arab League, Gaddafi accused the regent of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Saud, of servility towards the U.S. and violation of the precepts of Islam for having allowed Jewish and Christian troops on the "holy soil" of Mecca.

Gaddafi is the protagonist of the longest terror syndication that bloodied Europe for thirty years. His daughter, Aisha, was the proud wife of another Arab butcher, Saddam Hussein. Qaddafi hosted and protected Abu Nidal, the Palestinian terrorist author of a long series of attacks, massacres, hijackings, including the 1985 massacre at the Rome airport against the Israeli company El Al.

There is also the historical friendship of Qaddafi with Robert Mugabe, who starved and tortured his own people, and his protection of Imi Amin Dada, the Ugandan tyrant known as the “African Hitler” for the killing of 300,000 people.

On October 4, 2003, while hundreds of ordinary citizens in Iraq and U.S. soldiers were killed by suicide bombers, Qaddafi gave a speech to a group of women gathered in Libya. “Women must be trained to fight inside their houses, to prepare an explosive belt and blow themselves up along with enemy soldiers”, the Colonel said.

In 1985 Palestinian terrorists hijacked the Achille Lauro, an Italian cruise ship, killing one elderly American. The mastermind was later given a hero's welcome in Tripoli by Qaddafi. The victim, Leon Klinghoffer, was shot in his wheelchair and then pushed overboard. Leon's body washed ashore five days later in Syria. For Marilyn and Leon Klinghoffer, their cruise on the Achille Lauro was a celebration of their 36th wedding anniversary. Perhaps Qaddafi's cruelest crime was praising the killing of that invalid, who was innocent, unarmed, disabled, elderly, who could harm noone.

Murdered because he was a Jew.