Iranian Exiles' Message to Egypt
Iranian Exiles' Message to Egypt
The Iranian revolution 32 years ago was hijacked by Muslim extremists who deceived the Iranian people and turned Iran to what it is today, a country of misery, corruption, high inflation, unemployment, human trafficking, drugs, prostitution, rape, torture, hunger, poverty, hangings and murder.
Thirty-two years ago, President Carter turned its back on the United State’s long- time ally and sided with Khomeini.  Carter, in his naiveté, thought that Khomeini would bring democracy and freedom to the Iranian people, even though he called Iran the “island ofSecond to China, Iran is the worst violator of human rights in the world. And President Obama, unfortunately, is in bed with both.
stability in the region.”
Now, Iranians  yearn for the freedoms they once had, not to mention the democracy to which they aspired.
Rulers of Iran have indeed taken the country back to the medieval times.  Boys and girls cannot hold hands while walking on the streets.  Islamic dress code is strictly enforced.  All forms of entertainment and joyfulness are prohibited. Women are treated like second class citizens.  They are hanged or stoned for having sexual relationships with the opposite sex, even though in some cases their male partners might have been the culprit.  Political freedoms are taken away.  Corruption runs rampant.  Independent newspapers are shut down. Religious minorities are persecuted. Many political activists, who helped bring this regime to power, are killed or forced out of the country and their latest’s “son of revolution”, Dr. Ibrahim Yazdi, is now rotting in the regime’s jail.
Second to China, Iran is the worst violator of human rights in the world.
And President Obama, unfortunately, is in bed with both.
Right after, the Shah of Iran left Iran, Islamists headed by hate-filled and arrogant Khomeini, forgot all the promises made to the Iranian people and started a reign of terror, cultural and human genocide that is continuing to this day.
As Iranians, we are much worried about you and the future of Egypt.  The situation at hand has much in common with what took place in Iran 32 years ago.  Your future does not look promising and your options are much limited, after Hosni Mubarak’s departure.  Do not repeat our mistakes and take lessons from our experience.
On one hand, there is El Baradei, with questionable ties to the Iranian regime, who is promising a secular democracy for Egypt. Frankly, he lacks the charisma and political savvy.  His questionable past, as the head of IAEA, who stood by and allowed the regime to continue its nuclear program, and his current affiliations with Iran leaves much to be desired.  He might be a short-term fix but not a long-term answer to what lies ahead for Egypt.
On the other hand, there is the Muslim Brotherhood. They are much akin to Khomeini who promised us reform but never delivered.  Iranian lobbyists and organizations such as CAIR are serving as the mouthpiece for them to convince the world that Muslim Brotherhood and its stooge CAIR are much aware of the situation in Iran, so they will hide their true intentions.
they are the only option to bring democracy and stability to the region, much as Marxists and the Tudeh Party served as the mouthpiece for Khomeini with similar message.  They are intentionally quiet and the liberal-leaning Western media is not talking about them, since the ordinary freedom fighting Egyptians are doing their dirty work for them, for now.  But soon, their ugly head will rear itself.  President Obama’s measured speech, reiterated by Secretary Clinton and Senator John Kerry clearly show which side they are on.  Wikileaks shows that they may be behind the riots.
PDMI, as a real Iranian opposition body, appreciates and supports your quest for freedom and democracy in Egypt and hopefully the greater Middle East.  But as the saying goes:  It is not what it seems.  Muslim Brotherhood, funded by Iran and aided by Hezbollah and Hamas, is much in control of the uprising and if not careful, will lead Egypt toward the future Islamic Republic of Egypt. If you indeed have followed events of 32 years in Iran and have witnessed the brutality Iranians have suffered under the dictatorship of Islamic Republic, you would stay alert. History has shown that, mixing religion with state is not the solution to complicated social, political and economic problems of a country.  Despite its oil revenues of $80 Billion annually, Iran has been set back almost a century under the corrupt Iranian theocratic regime. Is that what Egyptians want for Egypt?
Brave Egyptians should not settle for anything less than a secular democracy with free and transparent elections where all Egyptian can participate.  History has shown that the West is more interested in “false” stability rather than true long-term and lasting democracy and human rights in the Middle East. 
Soon demonstrations will be propping across the world.  But, initial messages of democracy and freedom will be replaced by pro-Islamic slogans as soon as crack in Mubarak’s government will appear.  Muslim Brotherhood and its stooge CAIR are much aware of the situation in Iran, so they will hide their true intentions. They might even claim that Egypt is not Iran which is true, but what they have in store for you is very much like Islamic Republic had for us. Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Islamic Republic and Iran, and to some extent Nouri-al Maleki of Iraq have much more in common than they are leading you to believe.
We wish you much success in your endeavors and are anxiously and nervously glued to the news coming out of Egypt. May you not repeat our mistakes and stay resolute until a true democracy and long-term stability is achieved for Egypt and beyond. %ad%  wpr%ad%%%