The Left Enslaves Women
The Left Enslaves Women

The New Israel Fund, which finances the activities of organizations that give succor to terrorists, also finances the religious women's group Kolech. Sadly, religious-Zionist rabbis have elected, thus far, to refrain from all-out war against this tacit collaboration with anti-Semitism. Hamstrung, perhaps, by feelings of guilt or inferiority, the rabbis

“Leave your servitude,” they intone. “Leave behind those pots, pans and diapers... stop following those bearded rabbis.

allow the Kolech women to continue their activities within the public. Insistently, for many years, they have been sounding their tempting message to the religious women. “Leave your servitude,” they intone. “Leave behind those pots, pans and diapers... stop following those bearded rabbis... come join us in the world of progress!” 

The women hear and they are tempted. Who wouldn't be? Why surrender to a man, give him respect, be faithful to him, raise his children, cook, clean – when it seems that you can get everything without giving anything? And how can you give respect to a man, anyway, when he himself seems so weak and confused? Does it not make sense, in a situation like this, to follow the women of Kolech after all? Have women not become, in effect, the strong and confident men, the leaders whom women want to follow? Have the men of the religious Zionist sector not become feeble, or even – dare we say – effeminate? 

All around you it seems that society is headed towards 'progress' and 'enlightenment'. Who wants to be old fashioned? Look – the entire country, including the religious-Zionist Emunah, just celebrated International Women's Day. The media teemed with praise for 'career' women. It is all so new, so shiny and advanced... you are surrounded by women who are doctors, professors, CPAs, designers, rabbinical advocates, media professionals, artists – what fool would want to be left behind in the drab world of the housewife? What loser would want to go over the drawings her children made at the kindergarten when she could review spread sheets for a firm that is traded on the stock exchange? Who would rather go over homework with a 12 year old, and hear about her social life at the same time, when she could be wearing a suit and talking to an important client at the behest of the company director? How big a deal is a kiss from your child,  when compared to a compliment from your boss? 

'Down with the oppression!'

Please look at the poster included in this article. This is a Soviet government propaganda poster from 1932. The slogans call out to women: “March 8 is the day on which working women rebel against the slavery of the kitchen,” and “Down with the oppression and narrow-mindedness of house work!” 

At the bottom of the picture, an 'old style' woman, buried under the weight of the samovars and kitchen vessels, reaches out to a 'new' woman who is poised to save her. The communist government believed in breaking apart the family, because that is how it maintained power. Religion was persecuted and cut off; the priests, rabbis and male heads of households were weakened, and their positions as authority figures taken over by the government. That is how Marxists work – always has been, always will be.  

Western 'feminism' is a continuation of the exact same modus operandi, except that the western and Israeli woman cannot be won over by promises of factory work, so she is sold a 'career' instead. The problem, as many women discover, is that 'career' is a fancy word, mostly. For every working woman who gets to enjoy an impressive 'career', there are dozens of women who discover – often too late – that they gave up life's most rewarding moments in return for work that, if not dull and boring, is stressful and competitive.

There is another very frustrating problem, too: as many career women find today, a woman who wants to succeed in the professional world often has to invest in certain traits and habits that women themselves feel are non-feminine. Sadly, these traits and habits make it difficult to find a partner and – once he is found – to preserve the quality of the partnership over time. Successful men do not have this problem: qualities of toughness and competitiveness usually make them more attractive to the opposite sex, not less. It is not fair, but it is real, even after close to 50 years of feminism. Maybe it is time to simply admit that this

March 8, International (Working) Women's Day, is a communist holiday.

is the nature of human beings of both sexes, and to lovingly embrace our nature with smile, instead of fighting it.

A communist holiday in Israel

March 8, International (Working) Women's Day, is a communist holiday. The first leader who turned it into an official holiday was none other than Vladimir Ilytch Lenin, founder of the Soviet Union. To this day, International Women's Day is only an official holiday in communist and formerly communist countries: China, Armenia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. In Israel it has received semi-official status – which makes sense, in a country whose elites are heavily influenced by a Marxist heritage.

Observance of International Women's Day in western countries is negligible. The West still prefers Mother's Day, which lovingly if naïvely celebrates woman's unique and central role in the nuclear family. But here in the land of the enlightened Jews, the forces of feminist 'progress' canceled Mother's Day – which was marked on the Hebrew birth date of Hadassah founder Henrietta Szold. They killed it softly by renaming it 'Family Day' and emptying it of any intelligible meaning, while playing up International Women's Day instead.

Israeli women should know that the neo-Marxist Left is the king of temptation and lies, and it invests most of its capital in tempting them. The religious-Zionist leadership, meanwhile, seems to be going through a period of confusion, and prefers to invest its capital elsewhere. But there is something women should know: once you fall into the hands of the neo-Marxist Left, there will be no going back. You will be its slaves and it will have its way with you. When it finishes using you to take apart the religious-Zionist camp in this critical stage of our history, it will throw you – along with the Kolech women – into the waste bin of history, and seal the lid.