"It's all the Jews' fault," US President Barack Obama can say after his Middle East peace plans blow up in Israel's face. But which Jews?

President Obama launched his grand master vision for peace in the Middle East by choosing to spotlight his

He and his wise men decided that peace between the Palestinian Authority and Israel is in the interests of national security for the folks in Omaha.

abundant Jewish advisors, partly in an effort to convince Israel, as well as American Jewry, that he is "good for the Jews." Most of his appointees are graduates of the Oslo Accords disaster that followed former President Bill Clinton's New Middle East, which exploded in Israel's face nine years ago this month when Yasser Arafat launched the Oslo War, euphemistically known as the Second Intifada. The Oslo War killed more than 1,000 Jews, and wounded and traumatized thousands of others.

However, the Oslo enthusiasts' robot mentality is programmed to answer every Arab terrorist attack or American diplomatic failure with the response, "This proves we need a new Arab country in the middle of Israel."

President Obama, instead of ditching a land-mined path that has tripped up 11 special regional envoys and dead-ended three presidents, came up with a brilliant idea. He and his wise men decided that peace between the Palestinian Authority and Israel is in the interests of national security for the folks in Omaha. That cockeyed view gave him the self-appointed authority to start to dictate terms to Israel and in order to shape a glossy image for the pro-Arab international community.

President Obama's big ace was to appoint as his White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who choreographed the handshake between Arafat and former Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin on the White House lawn in 1993.

Emanuel not only staged the photograph of the handshake, but he also is panting for a repeat performance. "He would like nothing more than to participate in another peace agreement signing," according to public relations consultant Richard Mintz, who worked with Emanuel.

But Emanuel is only the tip of the Jewish iceberg in the Obama administration. There is George Soros, the Jewish-by-birth billionaire who almost singlehandedly replaced the pro-Israeli government American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) lobby with the left-wing J Street lobby as the most influential Jewish lobbying force in Washington.

J Street claims to be pro-Israel and pro-Hamas at the same time. It favors bringing Hamas, which the United States has outlawed as a terrorist organization, into so-called peace talks.

Another of President Obama's Jewish advisors is Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey D. Feltman, who was chief of the mission in the United States consulate in Jerusalem. In 2003, in the middle of the Oslo War of suicide bombings throughout all of Israel, Feltman was upbeat about the new Roadmap plan, which he said could help get the PA and Israel "back to the political process." That was six years ago.

The Roadmap's aim was to reach a comprehensive Arab-Israeli agreement by 2005, establishing a ''sovereign, independent, democratic and viable Palestine'' state in place of Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

The Roadmap, plan by the way, was released shortly after a suicide bomber attacked a bar in Tel Aviv, and it was delivered to then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon by none other than a Jew who is close to President Obama - Daniel Kurtzer, who was the American ambassador to Israel at the time.

Another Jew who helped seduce the pro-Israel Jewish community to feel so comfortable with President Obama is Daniel Shapiro, whom the president appointed to head the National Security Council. Shapiro carried out President Obama's thinking - or perhaps he actually originated the idea - that America's security is dependent on an Israeli peace agreement with the Arab world.

The same Daniel Shapiro, along with Feltman, have been President Obama's messengers to Syria, which the American government officially regards as a country that supports terror.

The list goes on and on. Oslo enthusiast Dennis Ross played a major role in mapping out the new president's campaign strategy. David Axelrod, who never was even active in the Jewish or Zionist community, was the president's chief campaign strategist and remains a top political advisor. President Obama also has leaned on two Jewish former leftists who served as ambassadors to Israel, Kurtzer and Martin Indyk.

And let's not forget Professor Richard Falk, the United Nations Human Rights Council special investigator, who has said on record that it is not "an irresponsible overstatement to associate the treatment of Palestinians with the criminalized Nazi record of collective atrocity." It is not coincidental that President Obama's "reaching out to Muslims" speech in Cairo in June mentioned the situation of the Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza immediately after recalling the Holocaust.

Add anti-Israel author Naom Chomsky, whose "credits" include being an influence on Jeremiah Wright, the hate monger and black pastor who was teacher/preacher to President Obama until the election campaign. At that

Oslo enthusiast Dennis Ross played a major role in mapping out the new president's campaign strategy.

point, the future president had to distance himself from his teacher's anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and pro-Hamas views, which had been known for years.

All of these fake pro-Israel Jews have pumped up Arab expectations to the extreme. They are committing the same tragic mistake of Bill Clinton by encouraging the Arabs to hope to annihilate the concept that the Jewish people have any attachment to the Land of Israel.

President Obama, buoyed by his own rhetoric, has Jews to convince him otherwise. Indyk insists that he is learning from predecessors: "We tend to believe that we can make the Middle East... a more peaceful place and a more democratic place... [and] change it for the better... through American will and influence," he stated earlier this year.

When President Obama's "reaching out to the Muslim world" strategy falls apart, this time around he won't have to blame Yasser Arafat for not accepting a peace agreement. Instead, the president can blame the Jews in Israel for spoiling "peace" by not accepting his unilateral declarations of Israeli domestic policy.

He will be right in blaming the Jews, but the ones who are guilty are his own Jewish inner circle.

And who is to be blamed for appointing them? A non-Jew: Barack Hussein Obama.