Yesterday, I shed fountains of tears as pictures of dead Arab children, killed in Gaza, appeared on the screens. Throughout the world, the sympathy for these poor innocent children waxed pain and consternation. "Those

The children sang their songs and poems laced with venom, hate and the thirst for blood.

murdering Jews!" screamed the protesters.

"Killers of children!" shouted the crowds demonstrating for Hamas. And the picture of the teary-eyed mourning father holding his dead child in his hands and crying in Hebrew, demanding of Israel, demanding to know, "What did this child do to you?"

So, I cried a fountain of tears... until I suddenly remembered.

I remembered the non-stop indoctrination of these same Arab children to hate, to kill and to die for Allah. I suddenly visualized the television shows that teach the Arab children how glorious it is to die as a shahid and how honorable it is to give your life for the cause. I saw the pictures of thousands of little children, hardly out of their diapers, carrying knives, guns and wearing toy suicide belts. I remember listening to the translator as the children sang their songs and poems laced with venom, hate and the thirst for blood.

"I want to be a shahid," the angelic voice puttered. "How great and honorable it is to die for Palestine and for the honor of Allah," the sweet voices rang out in unison.

So the fountain of tears suddenly stopped and not a tear dripped any longer. "Why the crocodile-tears?" I muttered? Used as human shields and sacrificed on the altar of blood and hate, these children simply met their destiny a few years in advance. They were not targeted for killing, but they achieved their ultimate goal nonetheless, didn't they? So why the false tears, the gory pictures and the ugly accusations hurled at Israel? If the goal of the child was to die, then die he did, didn't he?

But the answer, dear reader, is simple, obvious and clear for all to see. Yes, they were indoctrinated to die. Yes, they were taught and brainwashed that death is more glorious than life and that immense rewards await those who die in the war of jihad. To be a shahid in the service of Allah is second to none.

But, we need to clearly understand, the death of the child shahid must accompany the death of others. To rise on upwards towards the paradise that awaits the shahid is only served if it is accompanied by the death of others, preferably Jews. To die without bringing along the death of as many Jews as possible defeats the purpose of all of the indoctrination and training that have been invested into this would-be suicide bomber, sniper or other noble killer. Understand the simplicity of it?

What possible reward awaits a child whose mission of killing Jews has not been realized? What answer will this dead future would-be killer have in response to Allah's question: "How many Jews did you kill today?"

And then I remembered the hundreds of innocent Jewish children who were murdered for the glory of that bloody religion, Islam. I remembered the buses that blew up with children inside. I visualized again and again the

To die without bringing along the death of as many Jews as possible defeats the purpose of all of the indoctrination.

restaurants and pizza shops, the synagogues and the malls. I saw the faces of murdered infants and children who were indoctrinated and taught how beautiful life is, and how life is to be revered. I saw the pained look on the faces of multitudes of murdered innocent children who were taught that every life is precious, that to inflict pain is sinful. And I remembered that these innocent Jewish children were killed by those same Arab children who were taught how wonderful it is to kill innocent, Jewish children.

I remembered the murdered children in Ma'alot and K'far Chabad. I remembered the young children murdered in the Mercaz HaRav Kook Yeshiva. I remembered Bus no. 2 and Sbarro's and Ben Yehuda St. And I saw the happy and triumphant celebrations that broke out in sewer-cities like Gaza and Ramallah. They gave out candies and other sweets, while in Israel we cried for Shalhevet Paz. We cried for the infant sleeping so peacefully in her carriage when an Arab sniper shot her in the head. And we cried for Kobi Mandel and his friend. Innocent children.

I still see how the killers celebrated unfathomable carnage which they inflicted on the buses in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Haifa and Afula. They gave out candies and sweets as they enjoyed the immense happiness of having spilled the blood of innocent, Jewish children. The more they killed, the more they celebrated. And we buried our children, while their children were rewarded in Islam's heaven for having murdered the innocent Jewish children. And the list goes on and on.

So why the cries of horror if children used as human shields and trained to be killers, and indoctrinated that death is honorable and life is meant only to serve death, do die? Why the double hypocrisy of crying for children taught to die, yet not shedding a single tear for children who wanted to live?

You figure it out.