No one disputes that the Kosovo region was part of sovereign Serbia just as Marseilles is part of France and Rotterdam, part of Holland. This, until the advent of demography – and in the Serbian province of Kosovo, an

Even short-sighted Europeans have reasons to worry.

Albanian Muslim majority was created. The Serbs attempted to overcome the problem by granting autonomy to the region, but the majority demanded independence. Afterwards, they made a fatal mistake and attempted to alter the demographic balance by a mass transfer of Muslims, which brought the force of NATO to bear upon themselves.

In a brutal bombing campaign, NATO forced Serbian forces to withdraw from the region, occupied it and established a civilian and military regime – all while continuing to pay lip service to Serbian sovereignty. NATO, of course, saw to the return of the expelled Muslim Kosovars; and the latter began immediately, under NATO protection, to carry out a transfer of their own - this time of Serbs. The majority of the Serbs were forced to leave permanently. There remains in Kososvo today a Serb minority of about 5 percent, altogether a little over 100,000 souls.

He who laughs - and expels - last, laughs best (also, he who has on his side the Arab world with its oil and, therefore, the West).

Russia, the traditional sponsor of the Serbs, is concerned. The Kosovo precedent could seriously affect her; for instance, in Chechnya, a sovereign Russian district settled by restive Muslims, and in numerous other autonomous republics. What will Russia do when they all declare independence?

Vladimir Putin is angry over the support for Kosovo independence given by America and by key European states. He accuses the West of hypocrisy and asks: Will you also recognize the Basque region of Spain if they declare independence? But Putin, too, is no saint. Under Georgian sovereignty there are subject ethnicities - Ossetian and Abkhazian - that Russia incites to secede and to demand independence.

Even short-sighted Europeans have reasons to worry. In France, England and Holland, the demographic clock is ticking in favor of the Muslims. In southern France, there are already towns and provinces in which the Muslim population is approaching a majority. What will they say if Marseilles declares independence? What will Holland say if the city of Rotterdam, whose Muslim character is growing from day to day, decides to "disengage"?

Very soon, Israel will face heavy American pressure to recognize Kosovo independence, and the Olmert government of marionettes might well agree to do so. Is there any point in reminding the government that the "Kosovo event" might happen tomorrow in the Galilee? And if Abu Mazen's Ramallah learns from Kosovo and declares independence, how will we oppose it after we already recognized Kosovo?

Self-destructive Israelis, for whom the Palestinian nightmare looks like a "vision," cannot be frightened by such

In a brutal bombing campaign, NATO forced Serbian forces to withdraw from the region.

ghosts. But for those who still have eyes in their heads and whose common sense has not yet been removed by brainwashing, it is strongly recommended to study the Kosovo precedent; primarily, the central role played by NATO in enforcing the separation from Serbia, in preparing the groundwork and the tools for establishing an independent Muslim Kosovo.

Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni are already negotiating the entry of international troops into the Gaza region following an IDF operation to take it over and clear out the terrorists. Afterwards, they are planning to deploy international troops in Judea and Samaria as well, so that those forces will do there what they did in Kosovo.

All previous Israeli governments, right-wing and left-wing, always avoided international intervention as if it were fire; except for this irresponsible government. Foreign military intervention was the dream of the bitter enemy Yasser Arafat (may the name of the evil ones rot). Need we waste words to say that what was good for him is very bad for Israel?

Here is one more important reason why the IDF must not "march into Gaza": under the Olmert government, that march would end with the introduction of foreign troops into the Land of Israel. As in Kosovo, those troops carry with them on their shoulders our tragedy - the Palestinian state.