The Israeli Right has achieved very little in the 14 years that have passed since the Oslo Accords disaster. Therefore, its ideologues and motivators must comport themselves with a little more modesty, and a lot more originality, than they currently seem to do.

Yet, the opinion columns and the conference podium microphones all seem to be broadcasting the same tired old messages to us: don't give up this or that territory; don't give up this or that principle; let the IDF win; take back

Maybe there is a reason for this loss of direction.

Gaza;, bomb it from the air; don't give them guns; give them homes; free the girls; Olmert is a traitor.

As a consumer of messages, I find this fare dull and unsatisfying. And after 14 years of this menu, I would like something new please, waiter.

Here is what I find myself thinking lately: of course Ehud Olmert has no right to discuss giving up Jerusalem; of course Israel is losing its last shreds of self-respect and deterrence in the way it is dealing with the Gazan bombardment of Sderot; of course throwing money at Mahmoud Abbas and his "moderate" murderers is no solution to anything.

But maybe there is a reason for this loss of direction, and maybe just saying the current leaders have lost touch with Judaism and are an erev rav does them a certain degree of injustice.

Let's say we bomb Gaza into oblivion (a move I support, by the way. It is certainly better than sending our boys in there to get killed by the barbarian hordes). What then? Well, here is what happens then: the US administration disowns us in a series of speeches by the American President in which Israel is branded "a state overcome by fanaticism" and its government, a "rogue leadership." The UN adopts a series of resolutions condemning Israel's genocide and the Hague court demands Israel extradite war criminals Olmert, Ehud Barak and Gabi Ashkenazi, for starters. No Israeli officer can expect to step on British, French, Russian or American soil anymore, or anywhere else for that matter, without being arrested immediately. NATO begins training for bombing Tel Aviv. Iran develops and tests its bomb unimpeded.

What will Israel do then? Oh, I know. We will publish dozens and dozens of opinion columns in which our finest minds say, "They are an erev rav!" And at the same time, our hilltop youth will build another ramshackle hut somewhere and declare victory, even as the boots of the Border Guards are climbing the hill to tear everything back down.


A Yitzchak Shamir is not enough here.

Now that everyone hates me, let me say this: I have the greatest respect for our heroes and heroines. I admit that I do not have in me an ounce of the courage they seem to pack in tons in each of their Jewish hearts. I am no good at facing the police, I am no good at climbing the mountains, I do not have in me one percent of the bravery of the little girls who refused to identify themselves in court, not to mention the bravery of those who face the enemy every day as they drive about the roads of our beloved heartland, laughing in the face of the monsters of Ramallah, Shechem, Kalkilya, Jenin and Hevron. I was not even a very tough soldier in my army days (although I do have a green tank driver's license somewhere in my files).

Really, I have nothing in me that can compare to these people's courage and spirit.

But practically speaking (governments are, first and foremost, in charge of practical solutions), what do we want from the government? Think about it: a Yitzchak Shamir is not enough here. It is not enough to be able to stand fast and give up nothing. We can stand fast and give up nothing, but the Kassams will keep humiliating us. And the only way we can stop them is by creating mass carnage on the Arab side.

Targeting the Hamas leadership won't do the job. They will just go underground. Besides, they grow heads back faster than skinks grow back tails, and the new ones are always just as ugly as the previous ones. I will say it again: practically speaking, only by creating mass carnage on the other side can we stop the Kassams for good.

Benny Elon's plan for voluntary Arab evacuation and compensation is nice for parlor talk. Hamas will only understand a "plan" like the one wreaked upon the Arabs by the combined forces of Haganah, Palmach, Etzel and Lechi in 1948. We all know this in our heart of hearts. So, do we do to Gaza - and possibly to Hevron, Ramallah and Shechem - what we did to Tzfat and Lod three-score years ago? Yes or no?

Let's see how this article goes down before we proceed.


This is the stage at which people say: "Okay, smart-aleck, we get what you are saying. But what do you suggest?"

I will not fall into that trap. Not just yet. Let's see how this article goes down before we proceed to Stage Two. What do you think about this, dear readers? Practically speaking, how does Israel deal with the aftermath of a Gaza operation that costs thousands of Arab lives, half of them women and children? Please use the talkback function to express yourselves.

Speak, and spell out a long-term practical policy, please - or leave Olmert alone, because you don't have a better idea of what to do than he does.