(IsraelNN.com) Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has condemned IDF counter-terrorist operations in Gaza, calling them a "massacre" that threatens negotiations….The IDF staged several raids on rocket launching cells…….. following a sharp escalation in Kassam and mortar shelling attacks on the western Negev and as far north as Ashkelon.

Abbas questioned the Israeli government's "intentions with regard to the peace process, which should include the ceasing of all kinds of assaults, assassinations, killing, elimination and all other kinds of collective punishment, including the separation wall."

Abbas and PM are scheduled to meet soon, possibly as early as next week, in continuing efforts to agree on basic principles for the final status of a new Arab state on Judea, Samaria and Gaza


I thought that Hamas and Abu Mazen don't see eye to eye.

Contrary to what you think, this man is not the weak moron he is being portrayed as in many circles. No. He is a fine, educated, moral-espousing leader of a benevolent, docile, peace-loving conglomerate of homeless misfits and murderers who call themselves "Palestinians." He is not a rabid Jew-hater and Holocaust denier, as so many claim, notwithstanding that his thesis was written on the Holocaust being a total Jewish fabrication. Listen to him. He makes a lot of sense.

Sderot, the Negev, Ashkelon and many other cities and areas in Israel are being bombarded by Kassams on a daily basis. Jews are killed, maimed and terrified by the ongoing onslaught. Homes are destroyed; factories damaged and entire populations are terrorized on a daily basis. And there are more coming.

Israel, in response, has hardly responded. No other normal country would tolerate this kind of unrelenting barrage aimed at killing innocent people and leading to residents eventually abandoning large areas. In fact, many neighborhoods in Sderot have become ghost towns, their residents fleeing the city.

So now, for whatever reason (perhaps to fog our vision and divert our attention from the huge give-away Ehud Olmert is planning), Israel has decided that it needs to show its own citizens that something is being done in answer to the terror being visited upon them daily. And surgical strikes, though never the solution to a desperately needed massive retaliation, nevertheless does eliminate the possibility that the ones eliminated will ever strike Israel again. A dead snake can no longer bite. That alone, the elimination of the blood-thirsty vermin, gives Israelis the feeling, if not the relief, that their government is doing something to stop the barrage.

Something is better than nothing. Eliminating that particular terrorist and granting his wish to meet Allah, courtesy of Israel's air force or otherwise, probably saves the lives of a large number of Jews who were to be targeted for murder by the killer just sent to hell. So, let's not shed a tear for them.

Now that we understand a bit of what Israel's pin-point targeting of terrorists does for Israel's citizens, we also need to understand the "other side." After all, why is this empty-suit questioning Israel's intentions "with regard to the peace process"? Isn't this question slightly misplaced? This man is not stupid, as so many are saying, so why is he questioning Israel's intentions?"

Mahmoud Abbas is not a total imbecile and he is not uttering useless words when he condemns Israel. We need to delve into his psyche to fully comprehend the validity of his anger and frustration. If we are to continue to play patsy with our "partner for peace," then we need to know how to handle the deep gulf between the adversaries. And speaking of that gulf, we need to congratulate our own corrupt, immoral, back-stabbing impostor, who lied and cheated his way to the Prime Minister's position. After all, Ehud Olmert is doing everything possible to placate Abu Mazen and his cohort of slimy goons.
I hear he is just about ready to sign off on the entire West Bank, divide Jerusalem, give the Arabs total control over the Temple Mount, free more prisoners, destroy more Jewish homes and towns, transfer the Jewish residents elsewhere.... Oh boy, I'm off on a tangent. Let's get back to our "partner for peace."

So, what gives? Why is Abbas upset?

Abu Mazen is right. Killing the killers is not conducive to smooth negotiation of Israeli concessions and forfeiture. Negotiations for the further surrender and eventual elimination of the State of Israel can not go hand in hand with the elimination of killers. These killers are extremely essential to the ongoing farce, called "peace negotiations." Dead Jews is not a problem. Dead killers is. Read the caption again: counter-terrorism is a threat to negotiations. Understand the logic. Not terror itself, but the measures taken to stop or eliminate that terror is a problem that will derail the negotiations. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Besides, I thought that Hamas and Abu Mazen don't see eye to eye. Didn't Hamas "conquer" Gaza and throw out Abu Mazen and his gang? Didn't they arbitrarily kill a few dozen of Abu Mazen's goons in the process of establishing their control? Didn't Abu Mazen call them all the names in the book, usually reserved for Israel? I would think that Mr. Abbas would be happy if Israel eliminates some of those who would not hesitate to put a bullet in his own head. Isn't Israel doing Mr. Abbas a great favor by eliminating the lice who just may, if left to breath, someday turn the gun on Abu Mazen himself?

So, what gives? Why is Abbas upset?

Simple and to the point. The spilling of Jewish blood is a task declared holy by Islam's imams. Killing innocent Jews is a duty of every Muslim who believes in a bloody Allah and his drunken prophet. Eliminating Israel is a sworn obligation every Muslim must adhere to and pursue with vigor. And if Hamas kills a few Fatah people or vice-versa, that is not to be taken into the calculation of the ultimate goal. When Hamas executes Fatah men, women and children, and Fatah later returns the favor, that is a side issue not to be confused with the obligation to kill every Jew. The inter-gang killing need not push aside the bottom line vision. And for Israel to throw a monkey wrench into the overall picture is an unforgivable crime, which creates fissures in the smooth negotiations that will lead to Israel's surrender.

Assault is the Arab way of negotiating.

In his comments, Abu Mazen mentioned that Israel needs to stop "all kinds of assaults... collective punishment, the separation wall...." etc. Why? Why should Israel stop all these measures? Because the assault is an exclusive Arab methodology. Assault is the Arab way of negotiating. Assault against innocents is how Arabs get their point of view across. And for Israel to initiate an assault against those twisted norms jeopardizes Abu Mazen's ultimate great design; as does the separation fence, which has prevented hundreds of infiltrations by our "peace partners" and thus saved many Jewish lives.

Collective punishment? What exactly would this mustachioed-mannequin call the relentless terror being visited on Sderot? On the Negev? In fact, on the entire population of Israel?

Are you with me?