Knesset meeting to discuss the Beit Hanoun tragedy interrupted and then suspended. November 13, 2006. Jerusalem

An Imaginary Conversation With MK Mohammed Barakeh (Hadash)

Mr. Barakeh, you were there when the Knesset met in a special session to discuss the Beit Hanoun tragic incident. Twenty Arab civilians were reportedly killed in what Israel has termed a "technical aiming error," in which a mortar veered off its course. In fact, the meeting never proceeded more than a few minutes due to the chaos created by you and the other Arab members of the Knesset. Shouting at and interrupting Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh, you, Mr. Muhammad Barakeh of Hadash, created a furor by raising aloft a picture of a wounded two-year-old Palestinian. The picture was meant to show that Israel is targeting children and babies. The outrage at such unmitigated atrocity must be dealt with harshly.

Am I right so far, pray tell?

Before I even address my issue with you, I have a question that has simmered and festered in me practically since... forever. The question that bothers me is a follows. We, Jews, are considered smart. How is it, then, that Israel's so-called 'democracy' is so enveloped in total suicidal stupidity that it allows such rabid, back-stabbing enemies like you to sit in judgment, enjoy immunity, be allotted financial resources in order to push your anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, pro-murderers agenda of destroying Israel by helping the enemy...? Oops, forget the question. This issue is for another time. After all, Israel is a democratic society, with freedom for all. Period.

That said, I'd like you to take a careful look at the pictures I'm holding. Do you recognize anyone? Of course not, Mr. Barakeh. You were, and still are, too busy to bother with such nonsense. So, let me introduce some of these photographs to you. Not all, there are too many and I know your time is very precious. You have to attend a meeting with Hassan Nasrallah. Or is it Bashar Assad? Doesn't matter. Let's proceed, shall we.

You see here, Mr. Barakeh? You see this little baby? Her name was Shalhevet Pass. Do you remember her at all? Of course not. How silly of me to ask. So, let me tell you. This girl was a beautiful, tiny, less-than-a-year-old baby. She was in her baby carriage in her yard. A Palestinian sniper took careful aim, locked the sight on her little head and pulled the triger. She was murdered, Mr. Barakeh. Cold-bloodedly murdered. A baby. Murdered, Mr. Two-Faced Knesset Member. Not hit by an errant mortar or bullet, but targeted for murder by your compatriots.

Here is another picture. This tiny girl was Merav Hatuel, less than two years old. Her pregnant mother and three other siblings were murdered execution style. Bang! Bang! Bang! Your murdering friends ambushed their car and proceeded to coldly murder each and every one of them by shooting them in the head. And then they shot their mother in the stomach, in order to make sure that her unborn baby will die, too. Children. Babies. Shall I spell it out for you? Are you sighing yet? Of course not. These were Jews, after all. I understand. But since I'm into the swing of things, let me proceed.

Take a look at these pictures. Blown up buses in Haifa, Jerusalem, Afula and Netanya. You see these children? Their lives were snuffed out by your agents, Mr. Barakeh. Why "your agents," you ask? Because you support, encourage and egg on these murderers, to continue their violence until every Jewish child is dead. In fact, I suspect - no, I know for sure - that news of another Jewish child murdered sends gleeful vibrations up and down your yellow spine.

Here are Avi Atash and Dorit Anso and Hadas Turgeman and Aliza Malka and Yael Ohana. They were children and babies, Mr. Teary-Eyed Fraud. Explain, will you, if you can, to the parents of Osnat Abramov and Haviv Dadon and Yonatan Gamliel how their children deserved to die because they rode the buses home from school or from the Wailing Wall after prayers. Please. Explain to those who will forever mourn for Yair Amar and Menashe Regev and Hadar Hershkowitz that their children's gruesome murder was coming to them because they dared to buy pizza at Sbarro's or shop in the mall or simply go for an afternoon stroll. Tell them, Mr. Barakeh. Tell them that an accidental wounding of an Arab child (the picture was of a wounded child) is earth-shattering, but the cold-blooded murder of their Jewish child is understandable.

And while you are eloquently explaining why the atrocious killings were deserved, why not attempt to explain why Ya'akov (Kobi) Mandel was brutally murdered by pious Muslim adherents of your bloody religion? Explain how your beloved, innocent co-religionists had no qualms or compunction about smashing Kobi's head to a pulp. A child, Mr. Barakeh. Yet, I never heard a word of protest from your lips. I never saw you or any of your fellow parliamentary criminals raise his picture in the Knesset and demand justice. Why?

But sympathy for the murdered innocent children I just showed you, and the many others that are still in my file, pales in comparison to this picture of a mother's epitome of love and tears for her soon-to-be dead child. You see these pictures? See how proudly the Palestinian mother straps the suicide belt onto her young child? And see this photograph? See how happily this Gaza mother is dancing in celebration of her son's destiny with the devil? See how proud she is that her child - child, Mr. Barakeh - has carried out a successful homicide bombing on an Israeli bus, in which some of those children I mentioned above were murdered? See the happiness and joy of the Palestinian woman whose child's body parts are splattered in a million bloody pieces. This is the same child, I believe, you are so worried about, Mr. Barakeh.

Children? You have the indecency to protest the accidental killing of children? You, whose imams and sheikhs and other leaders indoctrinate their infants in the glory of death through murder, and send the young to die and kill, have the audacity to cry out when a child dies?

But I figured you out, Mr. Hypocrite. It's not the child you are crying about. No, no. It's not your allegation that Israel is targeting children that got your veins popping. It's the fact that the dead Arab child will not grow into the suicide killer his mother and you would wish him to be. Isn't that the real reason you are boiling? A dead Palestinian child means one less potential homicide-bomber snuffing the lives of innocent Jews. And that is extremely upsetting, isn't it?

You are a dangerous, poisonous snake, Mr. Barakeh, and there is only one way of negating the threat such slithering vermin pose. Off with its head.