"By inviting Hamas, you are breaking world unity," said Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz to his Russian counterpart, Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin invited the Hamas for talks in Moscow. By extending the invitation, Russia, one of the Quartet members, broke away from a declared anti-Hamas stance. With this invitation, Hamas gains tremendous legitimacy and can continue uninterrupted on their path of terror against the world in general and Israel in particular.

"We never considered Hamas to be a terrorist organization...." declared Putin, and insisted that sooner or later every European country will fall in line with Russia's stance, which will leave the US and Israel as the lone wolves in the forest. Needless to say, the US and Israel are not very happy with this 'spit-in-the-face' action by Russia. Spit-in-the-face?

Let me state here emphatically and unequivocally that I believe that the Russian gesture is outrageous, despicable and inhuman. Lest Putin forgets, these same Hamas hoodlums support the Chechnyan rebels in their murderous war against Russia. These Hamas terrorists support, encourage and supply the Chechnyans and will continue to do so long after the Putin meeting is over. But, I'm sure, Putin knows, remembers and doesn't quickly forgive. In fact, how would he react should the US and Israel declare tomorrow their support for the Chechnya guerrillas? On the other hand, the Hamas targets Jews, doesn't it? Enough said on the Russian subject.

Legitimacy for a terror organization? Let's not all laugh together. What irks me to no end, however, is not the Russian invitation and the de-facto recognition of Hamas. What turns my stomach is Israel's, that is to say Ehud Olmeret's, duplicity and gall. It's nice to rant and rave against Russia's recognition of the upcoming Hamas government; yet, Israel was the first country in the world to hand-deliver $53 million dollars to Hamas, with which it can continue to buy the ammunition and fund the terrorism against Jews. With the lamest and most superficial excuse, Olmert, with his tail between his legs, crawled shamelessly and groveled. The stench of his outrageous support of terror is much more compelling than Russia's invitation.

Putin is expected to do no less than to support killers of Jews. That was always the history in Russia under the Czars, Lenin, Stalin and the rest of the Communists until the Soviet Union's collapse. And Putin is a relic from the infamous KGB, whose hands are as red with Jewish blood as those of Hamas. A leopard changes his spots? Never. Neither is France expected to completely abandon its centuries-long anti-Semitism. Or England. Or Spain. Or any other country in the world. The Jew is dispensable, don't you know that? Always has been and always will be. So why the shock? Traditions don't change, only the faces of the people who are next on line.

But who, may I ask, was the first to accept a terrorist as equal? Who, may I ask, embraced the killer of Jews, shook his blood-dripping hands and proceeded to bestow upon him the stature of a distinguished statesman? Never - other than to impress his American hosts - did the murderer disavow his commitment to annihilate the State f Israel. Does anyone remember that? How convenient to forget the irreparable damage that 'recognition' brought about in the Middle East and in the world.

It wasn't the US that first accepted the PLO as the "legitimate representative of the Palestinian people." Seeing Israel's debacle, the US was only too happy to fall in line, due to American global strategy. It wasn't President Bill Clinton's brilliance that worked out the details of the Oslo Accords. It was an adaptation of a secret agreement worked out between the perpetual loser, Shimon Peres, and his PA counterparts. And the conspiracy to dissolve the State of Israel and return the lands to Israel's enemy was epitomized by Ariel Sharon and his cohort, Olmert, who concocted the ultimate act of treason in the expulsion of the Gaza Jews and the destruction of twenty-five vibrant communities.

Millions upon millions of dollars were transferred by Israel to the corrupt, terror-infested PA in order to bolster Yasser Arafat and his regime of corrupt Jew-killers, and give them the ability and power to renege on their ice-cold reluctant vow to stop the terror. And in order to punish the PA, Israel rewarded that terror by running away from Gaza and surrendering the territory to Hamas, which is a clear case of 'recognizing' who the real power is; isn't it?

Without shame, the government of Israel lectures Russia. There is something awfully wrong here, I believe. Israel has long surrendered its right to reprimand and can no longer point an accusatory finger at other nations whose motives are as old as the universe. Israel has long ago surrendered the right to chastise and reprimand those nations to whom, in any case, Jews and Judaism were always no more than a bad toothache. Israel has no right to demand that others should not do what she herself does. The world laughs at Israel's audacity and snickers at her stupidity.

Israel is worried about Russia and the soon-to-happen world recognition of Hamastan? Give me a break. With rampant ant-Jewish expulsion, beatings, corruption, dictatorship and bias, Israel has already come to resemble a twenty-third Arab state.