What you are about to read below is mostly an English translation of a Hebrew compilation of facts. This is not an article, though the message can't be more poignant. There is no need for me to voice my own opinion, because that opinion is self-evident. Neither did I intend to debate an issue; the issue has been made. Nor do I want to elicit tears from the readers. No need to; one can not read this and not cry. The tears, I am sure, are there.

Do you wonder what Ariel Sharon's next massive disengagement will do to almost 200,000 Jews who currently live and work in the West Bank? You don't? Is it because you assume that, as promised, the current expellees have been properly compensated and resettled? Are you perhaps satisfied that the 10,000 Jews expelled from Gaza have simply joined the mainstream Israeli society?

Why not take a minute or two to read the facts below. These are facts, not assumptions, conjecture or hallucination.. These are simple, verifiable, bitter facts.

Three months have passed since infamy was foisted on Israel by the pro-Palestinian Ariel Sharon and his corrupt dictatorial government. Read and cry.

Approximately 1,700 families lost their homes.

Within a week's time, approximately 10,000 individuals were forced out of their homes and the life they knew. They are now refugees in their own country. Over 100-days have gone by since that forced expulsion.

2,200 of them are still unemployed today.

As of today, 50% of the trailer-homes promised by the Disengagement Authority are still not ready to be inhabited.

65% of the refugees must still contend with "temporary solutions", which were slated for the first week only. As you read this, 105 families are still living in tents.

Dozens of children and youth have yet to be absorbed into an alternate schooling situation.

The size of a trailer is 60-120 square meters. In many situations, there are twelve individuals occupying one such trailer. None of these trailer-homes are able to contain more than 50% of a family?s household items. The rent for each such trailer is $1,500.

24 containers, fully loaded with household items, have simply disappeared. Four homes in Gaza still containing all of the furniture, clothing, appliances, etc., were summarily demolished by bulldozers. Everything was lost. Most of the former settlers have no access to the containers and are forced to repurchase household needs for tens of thousands of shekels. Expensive and delicate appliances, instruments and furniture were locked into containers and kept in severe summer climate conditions. Such items were damaged beyond repair.

300 successful farms were wiped off the face of the earth. Only 20 were able to reestablish themselves elsewhere.

Zero. This is the number of families who were compensated as promised. Only 13% of the ousted families received any temporary cash advance in order to purchase their basic daily needs. A family that lived in Gush Katif or northern Samaria on a rental basis is not entitled to any compensation for basic, daily needs such as food and clothing. Single individuals (non-married) are not entitled to any compensation. Period.

Three months later, about 600 families are still residing in hotel rooms and school dormitories. Many of these hotel rooms are occupied by five persons or more: parents and three children. 35% of the expellees are still living in these hotels. Those living in hotels are curtailed in their ability to entertain guests, have access to internet, phones, etc. On the average, only two phone lines serve the needs of those expellees living in hotels. Conversation privacy is almost impossible.

Two washing-machines service the whole former community of Katif and three serve those from Netzer Hazani.

Hundreds of children ages 7 and older have returned to bed-wetting (close to 45% of the children). In the aftermath of the expulsion there is a discernable increase in heart attacks among the expellees. Many attempted suicides have been recorded. Four 16-19-year-old girls are hospitalized due to severe emotional depression. Ten teenagers are in a clinical depression and refuse to leave their rooms. Thousands of children lost their motivation for education and their overall grades have plummeted.

Many families are required to continue to make mortgage payments on homes that no longer exist. Chomesh expellees were required to pay for electricity. Only in the last two weeks did the Disengagement Authority agree to accept each group of settlers as communities. Until now, they were regarded as groups of "homeless". About 400 families have been disconnected from their community and scattered to different areas around the country. For example: N'vei Dekalim's residents are scattered in thirteen different places, in a callous disregard for their explicit request that they stay together.

The expulsion has created Arab territorial contiguity from Shechem to Jenin, a stretch of many kilometers. Thus, 28% of Israel's territory was abandoned by its citizens.

3,000 coats and jackets set aside for the expellees were stolen from the warehouses.

The temporary schools set up by the expelled settlers is not being funded by the Ministry of Education. The cost comes out of the settlers' pockets. Students who missed the summer state testing period are "hitting a brick wall" as far as rescheduling those missed tests.

Every time the former settlers of Sa-Nur and Chomesh happen to travel in that area, they must pass their destroyed homes.

Up to this moment, not a single attempt to ease the plight of the expellees has been made by any governmental entity. Most of the psychiatrists, social workers, educators, rabbis, counselors, financial supporters and psychologists working with the expellees are volunteers.

None of the settlers evacuated willingly. During the expulsion, not one episode of violence against the army or police was recorded, in spite of the attempt by pro-disengagement forces, the Left and the biased media, to portray such. 25 blooming and growing Jewish settlements were wiped off the face of the earth. 38 bodies were disinterred and their families were forced to conduct a second funeral and to sit shiv'a once again.

All of the synagogues were burned and destroyed.

Thousands of Israeli citizens are scattered like refuse and treated like garbage. There is no proper solution even for one settler.

Since when does "backward" mean Kadima?