Oh wow, what a fabulous aroma. I'm not a big eater and a scrambled egg is as palatable to me as is a well done steak. I'm not averse to choosing a cup of coffee with a cookie or two over a gourmet dinner. But this particular smell has set my culinary senses on fire and I just can't get enough of it. "More! More!" I hear myself shouting in my dreams and awake in middle of the night as the sweet scent whiffs throughout the house and sets my senses on its highest culinary ecstasy. My, my, have I become a glutton?

For over two weeks now, France has been rock-and-rolling to the beat of a different music. The shattering plate-glass windows resound loudly as the explosions of homemade incendiary devices smash against the sides of the buildings. The crackling fires add a sweet happy melody to the cacophony of orchestras breaking out throughout France. Buses, cars, school buildings, supermarkets, post-office stations and every other structure in the way is being set ablaze in the orgy of the Islamic intifada being unleashed against Islam's best friend.

"Chirac never met a terrorist he didn't like," is a statement of unquestionable truth. President Jacques Chirac, following in the footsteps of his predecessors down to DeGaul, have openly exhibited their compassion, understanding and complete backing of every terrorist individual or nation. The French, in the unquenchable thirst for the Arab black whisky, have done everything in their power to help the terrorists gain the upper hand in their war against democracy in general, Israel and the Jews in particular. There is no need to roll out the long list of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel French policy since 1967 to get a handle on the one-sided, biased and practically anti-Semitic stance adopted by succeeding French governments in their open pursuit to discredit Israel, condemn its efforts at self defense and thwart any possible solution, but one, to ending the bloody intifada unleashed on Israel. In their iron-fisted resolve to allow no harm to come to the bloody murderers of Jews, the Chirac government has pursued the road of concession, retreat and surrender in urging Israel to give, return and partition Israel into its ultimate, complete disintegration.

"Freedom fighters", "oppressed" and "disenfranchised" are but a few of the words the French are using in describing the plight of the Palestinian terror gangs. Every murder, bus bombing or drive-by shooting is 'understood' by the Chirac government as an act of desperation by a basically 'friendly and peace loving' Palestinian population. And therefore, the French have been pursuing the only solution their fevered mind continues to ferment: Israel needs to retreat, retreat and retreat. The only resolution of the ongoing Islamic war against the Jews is for Israel to surrender, surrender, surrender, until the Palestinians are satisfied. Are you throwing up yet?

We can go on and on in describing the viciousness of the French mission to take Israel apart and return to the pre-1947 map of the British Mandate. We get the full picture without the need to leaf through every page describing French political, economical and social attitudes towards Israel. The thousands of Jewish casualties are testimony enough to the treachery inherent in the French two-faced attitude. The king-style welcome given to the arch-terrorist, Yasser Arafat, the benevolent and conciliatory stance towards Kaddafy, and lately, French unsavory, belligerent stance against the US in its war against the dictator-killer Saddam Hussein, are but a few more chapters in French acceptance and warm embrace of terrorist nations and individual henchmen.

So, the French, in demonstrating the love for Islam, the "religion of peace", opened their doors to the multitude of Muslims and allowed them to over-flood their shores. Like an unstoppable tsunami, hordes of anti-social, anti-democratic jihadists were allowed to enter France unhindered and unchecked. Once there, they sowed and planted their hate for anything not Muslim, in their avowed plan to conquer the world by the sword. And the French closed their eyes and ears to the unrest seething in France. Nothing will ever happen in France as long as the Muslims are placated, caressed and showered with love. Nothing will happen! But the cancer is breaking out.

Yet, you will find very little of it in the world media. And when you do, it will be described in a more moderate, non-desperate way of telling a story. "Disenchanted immigrants." The poor, slum-dwelling Mauritanians or Tunisians. Those treated unequally in a French society clamoring for equality for all its citizens.

Blah, blah, blah. How else would you expect the ongoing intifada in France to be described?

Shall we tell the French that these are bloodthirsty terrorists, born and bred by Islam's credo of blood and destruction, bent on destroying the infidel French? Chirac, are you listening? But to give it its true flavor and description would be to shatter the French illusion and spray the ugly mud of Islamic universal hate and treachery in the face of its most benevolent host country and over-all supporter.

Mmmm. I finally recognized that wonderful, invigorating, sense-dulling aroma and smell wafting across the ocean.

I do love French Toast.